Asos Now Has Womens Tall Sizes

We’ve been waiting for Asos to offer women’s tall sizes and today’s our lucky day! The selection is small at the moment. Hopefully they will add more. They stock size 14-14 and a few size 16s. It doesn’t appear that they are charging more for tall sizes. Bonus!

women's tall black blazer

 Check out the current tall sizes at Asos:


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Tall Clothing Mall 7th Anniversary: $350 Paypal Cash Giveaway

Tall Clothing Mall is now 7 years old! Can you believe it? What started as myself collecting lists of places to shop for tall clothing first turned into a hobby and later a business.  It’s been quite the trip and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! I want to thank you as I think you’re fabulous! I’m humbled by the nice emails I receive and grateful for what you contribute to this site.

2014 is going to be an exciting new year for Tall Clothing Mall and my team and I be announcing some new projects in the near future. How’s that for a teaser?

Some of my good friends and fellow tall bloggers are joining in to celebrate our 7th Anniversary. These fabulous co-hosts have donated money for the huge giveaway.

tall clothing mall giveaway cash

Meet our co-sponsors: – myself – Krista – Tall Clothing Mall

Liz- Elle Mayers Tall Activewear.   Leigh Ann – Elle Noel.    Elayna – The Junoesque.

Tanasha – Pretty Tall Style.    Mark – Six8ClothingCompany.    Nache – Tallook.

Now are you ready to win some CASH?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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If the winner does not respond within the 48 hours allotted time then a new winner will be verified and chosen.  Good Luck and once again, thanks so much for following/supporting Tall Clothing Mall!
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Can Your Help the Height Goddess Kickstarter?

Height Goddess is running a Kickstarter campaign to get their women’s tall clothing in department stores.  As I write this post, they only have around 30 hours left to finish their campaign. Either they raise the full $20K, or they get nothing.  They are now 72% funded.  You can pledge at any amount and they are offering nice rewards for those who contribute.

So to sweeten the deal, Height Goddess is offering the blogger that helps raise the most pledges over $1000 and one of the winning bloggers lucky fans a “Be the Designer Reward”.  Wouldn’t it be fun to  create a piece of clothing that Height Goddess creates for us?  In order to count towards the Tall Clothing Mall tally, after you pledge, please tweet or share on Facebook with the tags: #TallGirlFitRoom and #tallclothingmal.   The tags help them calculate up the rewards for the specific bloggers. So, if you’re considering pledging, now’s the time! Pledge Here!!!

height goddess kickstarter campaign

Tall Tuesday Christmas Contest Giveaway: Win $100 Paypal Cash

tall clothing mall christmas contest


It’s Tall Tuesday and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than having a Christmas contest! In just one week one of you will win $100 Paypal cash that you can use to shop here at Tall Clothing Mall. Are you excited?  There are several ways to enter. This contest will end on Dec 17th at 11:59 pm MST.

This is our way of saying thank you to all our all tall friends!  We appreciate your support.  Now hurry and enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

While you’re waiting for the contest to finish, you may want to check out our sale section for some great deals.

Why is Tall Clothing Sizing so Inconsistent?

I’ve got lots of emails from some of you frustrated with tall clothing sizing being so inconsistent.  Hey, I’m in the boat as all of you! It frustrates me too, so don’t shoot the messenger! As much as I’d love to buy everything I see and give you reviews and sizing on every brand of jeans, shirt, dress as well as shoes, it’s just not going to work within my budget. I wish I could though! 🙂 But, I have learned a few things over the years on how clothes are designed and manufactured. Today I’m sharing with you some insights as to why you may purchase a shirt one season and the seemingly same shirt the next season, but suddenly the sizing is so much different.  Also I’m offering a few tips for those interesting in creating a clothing line someday. It’s a dream that I have!

being well dressed

The fit of a garment depends on the pattern maker. If you don’t find a good pattern maker you’re doomed.  And skilled pattern makers are hard to find, especially ones that can adapt to tall sizing – meaning not just adding inches of fabric to the arms and legs, but proportionally make everything fit correctly.  So how do you find these pattern makers? That’s the million dollar question as many clothing makers like to keep the ones they find in under lock and key. I’ve tried to get Liz from Elle Mayers to tell me her pattern maker and manufacturer, but she just won’t. (Actually, I don’t blame her and we’re good friends.)

A few tips: you will need to send these pattern makers as many measurements as possible with lots of back and forth discussions. Then they will mail you (or you will pickup) a  pattern and perhaps a mock-up garment that you can have adjusted with more fit changes. You will have a pattern made say like in a size 8 and then the pattern maker will create patterns smaller and larger from just this one size. So you had better get the fit just how you want it the first time. Some companies choose to forgo the larger sizes as they often have to create a pattern in say a size 16 and then size up from there as the pattern can get too inconsistent based on the smaller size. It all adds up.

Multiple brands within a Large Store – Let’s use JCPenney as an example. They have a men’s tall clothing section as well as women’s. They are selling multiple brands within their tall section and each label has their own sizing. So it’s quite frankly hard to tell whether one brand fits the same as the next one.  If they don’t supply a size chart for each brand, it can really throw us off.

Independent tall stores have the best chance at getting the sizing right as they can create their own patterns and are generally good at supplying us with size charts. However, if they are a new store, it may take a season or two to perfect the pattern sizing. For example – last year I decided to buy two items from a fairly new tall store. One was a pair of leggings and this store did a decent job with the leggings. The other item was a sweatshirt and I can tell you that the sweatshirt was one of the worst fitting items I have ever worn.  It’s as if the pattern maker didn’t account for women having a chest at all as it turned into a tight sports bra and then the shoulders were about 3 inches too wide. I couldn’t believe how ill-fitting it was. When I showed it to Mr. Tall, he literally fell over laughing, it really was that bad!  A good pattern maker is worth the money!

Let’s move on to manufacturing.

Once you’ve finally got a good pattern, it’s time to find a manufacturer. If you are making items in the USA, perhaps you can travel to some manufacturers and see if they can make your item. Sometimes they will even let you be there while the items are sewn so you can be part of the quality control.

Let’s say you want to design an entire line of clothing, did you know that you may have to have many manufacturers? Most clothing manufacturers specialize in sewing only one type of fabric. Some may only work with denim garments, while others only construct knit items.  It gets to be a confusing game of finding out who sews what. Also you can’t use the same pattern for a shirt designed to be polyester cotton and suddenly you want it in made it knit. The knit can stretch out too much as thus requires a different pattern. This is a huge mistakes that some newbies may make.

Another obstacle is getting a manufacturer to make low quantities of items. When you are just starting out, you want to create the lowest number of items possible or you are going to run into a serious cash flow problems. You will get a better price per product with bigger runs, but who can afford that when you are specializing for a niche?

 Overseas manufacturing can save you money. However, what if they don’t understand your instructions for making tall items?  I’ve read of stories where the manufacturer really thought they knew best and so they resized the items to what they thought would be average sized. Then all the items had to be totally remade as it was supposed to be tall sized.  It can help to have a middle-man who speaks English and works close to the manufacturer so they can translate and do quality control, but then again, you will pay the middle-man a fee too!

Overseas manufacturers are notorious for cutting corners and doing things like slipping in cheaper fabrics after 1 or more runs on the items. – The substituted cheap fabric for them (not you) may shrink or they may have even sub-contracted it out to their manufacturers with less quality control.

When you are starting out, it may be best to try to keep your manufacturing within the country you live, as you will have fewer headaches and cultural/language problems to overcome.

If you are considering creating a clothing line, the best resource I have found is a Facebook page called Fashion-Incubator. The owner has written this book with detailed instructions on how to create a clothing line. The book’s expensive, but invaluable and once you buy the book, you have access to a forum that gives you insider manufacturers, etc.  I highly recommend buying the book.

One way to get over worrying about fit issues, is to realize that not everything will fit perfectly all of the time. As tall people, we have to be willing to buy multiple sizes, get them shipped to us, try and them on and return the sizes that don’t fit. Yep, you didn’t want to hear them from me, that’s the reality. Until all tall sizes are in stores, this is the best I’ve got for you.

I’m not an expert in manufacturing clothing, but these are a few things I have learned. Does anyone more experienced than myself have any other tips? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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Tall Store Spotlight – JCPenney

Today’s tall store spotlight is on JCPenney.  Have you seen their new back to school commercial? I love the tall girl in the commercial. Let’s take a look!

I can totally put myself in the place of the tall girl as I was always taller than the boys. In fact, every year for the school class pictures, I remember the photographer saying – “tall girl right here in the middle” as he stuck me on the top row right smack in the middle of the row.  I just think of it like I was the center of the universe! 🙂

Smart tall girls know they when they get to be teens they can shop at JCPenney as they have a fabulous girls tall shop and their prices are excellent!  Here’s an affordable tall outfit I put together:

jcp womens tall outfit

Tall Tank Top Sale $9.99.  Tall Cardigan – several colors sale $24.99.

Liz Claiborne Tall Denim Pencil Skirt – sale $24.99.  A2 by Aerosoles Wedges sale $24.99.

And for guys their tall shop has substantial and affordable options in casual and dressy tall clothing.

jcp mens tall outfit

 Big & Tall Graphic T-Shirt Sale $14.99.  Levi’s 505 Regular Fit Tall Jeans – 34″, 36″ and 38″ Inseam,$50.

Nike Moccasin Shoes to size 14, $60.

If you are lucky, your local store may sell some tall items in store – probably more for the guys than the gals.  But, the majority of tall clothing items will be found online.

krista tall clothing mall

How to Navigate Tall Clothing Mall

We’ve gotten lots of new visitors lately and have gotten some emails asking how to navigate Tall Clothing Mall. With over 1000 special sections here, we can certainly see how you can get lost! But don’t fear, we’re here to help!  Whether you are new, or have been with us for years, you may want a refresher on the best way to navigate around your “tall mall”.


First off let’s explore the main navigation bar. You will see this navigation menu on every page of Tall Clothing Mall. Let’s break it down.
tall clothing mall navigation menu

1. The dark blue area is the main navigation menu.

  •  If you are a woman – click on women’s and you can shop via the special sections such as jeans that are sorted via inseam lengths and via tops, outerwear, etc. Same goes for the men’s section. These sections are listed by clothing type so you can compare the best tall clothing items via type and the tall store that sells them. For instance: when you click on an item you love, a new window will pop up and will take you to the store that sells the item and you can get more info. You will also the big list of tall stores here.
  • Click on shoes to see the shoe directory of what sizes our partner stores sell as well as shoe discounts. The women’s shoe section even has section featuring trendy shoes for tall women.
  • If you need extra help finding something special, click on personal shopper. Fill out the form and our stylists will do their best to help you find what you need.
  • Custom – helps you see who sells custom made or custom sized clothing and shoes.
  • Sales – save lots of money via our coupons and sales. This section is updated most days.

2. Search Bar

  • Use the search bar to easily search for exactly what you need. You can search via one word, or get more specific by using multiple words.

3. Getting Social

  • These buttons let you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. The last button is for sending us an email.

4. Home Page

  • Anytime you are lost, feel free to hit the home button on the navigation menu to return to the home page.

5. Tall Clothing Mall Blog

  • The content listed below the dark blue navigation menu is the Tall Clothing Mall blog.  In fact, you are reading a blog post right now! Here we show you additional tall clothing, have contests, spotlight tall stores, talk about tall people we love or anything else that is relevant to tall people. This content is updated frequently. When you get to the bottom of the content, you will see a type that says “Older Posts”. If you want to read all of the blog posts, just keep clicking on “Older Posts.” to read more. 

tall clothing mall blog


6. Right Side Bar

  • We have several right side bars depending on where you are, but let’s tell you about a few features of the main sidebar.
  • You will find a form in turquoise where you can sign up for our newsletter. Please sign up for our newsletter as we share with you unique content that we don’t feature anywhere else. We also give you sale alerts. Who wants to miss a killer sale? Um – no one!
  • We also have a spot where you can visit some of our advertisers. Advertisers help keep everything we offer free! So show your love to them! 
  • Blog categories are important as they also help you navigate around our blog – see #5 above. To see the categories, use the drop down menu. 
  • We also have an area called trending now – that shows you what the most popular sections of Tall Clothing Mall are at the present time. It’s sort of like the winners of the popularity contest! 🙂

right side bar at Tall Clothing Mall

 7. Footer Menu

  • The last area on our website is the footer menu. This is located on every section at the very bottom. We have some of our required legal notices including our disclosure and privacy policy.
  • Sitemap – if you really want to browse everything here at Tall Clothing Mall, this is for you.
  • We also have a link to our About Us page.
  • Our Fashion Advice button is for you to sign up for our newsletter as well as lists of special articles we have written with additional style advice for tall people.

footer menu

8. Tall Snob

  • Although not mentioned, we also have a blog only for tall women and this is called Tall Snob

That wraps up our tutorial on “How to Navigate Tall Clothing Mall.”  As always, feel free to email us if you need additional help finding something special or if you want to share with us a tall clothing item or tall store that you love.

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Tall Store Spotlight: What to Buy at Express

When shopping as tall people, we can expand our search outside the regular tall stores. Today’s advertiser spotlight is on Express. So what types of items should you buy at Express?

This fashion forward store has a selection of men’s tall clothing items (search for “tall”) including suits, jeans, dress shirts and dress pants and an occasional t-shirt. Their accessories are pretty cool too!  Here’s a sample:

express tall men clothing

Fitted MK2 Tall Cotton Shirt in MT – 2XLT and 5 colors.
Rocco Slim Fit Straight Leg Jeans – 34 Inseam
Chronograph Watch Gift Set
Photographer Tall Suit Pants – 34″ or 36″ Inseams.
Navy Twill Photographer Tall Suit Jacket

Express doesn’t have items labeled as “tall” for women, but Express has some gems for us too! Some items you may love include their tunics (search for “tunics”), jeans up 35″ inseams, pants in 33″ or 35″ inseams and amazing handbags, jewelry items and other accessories.

express for tall women

Leather Trimmed Tunic
Cabochon & Rhinestone Necklace
ReRock Boot-cut Jeans – 35″ inseam (choose long sizes)
Chain Wrapped Hobo Bag
Columnist Pants – 35″ inseam

Now through Sunday, use promo code 1642 to save $25 off $100, or $50 off  $200. Ends 7/28.
Have you ever shopped at Express? Which items have worked for you?

krista tall clothing mall

Westport Big & Tall – Partner Spotlight

Today I want to feature one of our partners – Westport Big & Tall . If you haven’t visited Westport in a while, you need to! They have men’s big and tall tops in sizes LT- 4XLT and their long sleeve shirts have sleeves up to 40″ long.  The big and tall pants  have inseams up to 38″ long.

They stock all of the trendy brands including: Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Enro, Tommy Bahama, Lucky Brand Jeans, Levis and more! Visit their sale section to save up to 75%! We’ve hand-picked our favorite items from Westport and added to them to our men’s tall clothing section. Shipping starts at $5.95 and they also offer international shipping.

westport big and tall outfits


krista tall clothing mall

This Weeks Tall Blogs Roundup

It’s Summer and I know most of us are out busy enjoying the sunshine. So I’ll make this quick. This week we founds some nice tall blog posts and discovered some more tall stores. You will want to check them out!.

Love My Long Legs – Head on over and vote for “National Tall Girl Day”.  Because tall girls deserve a day to be extra fabulous!

national tall girl day


Label Tall & Fit – we found another new men’s tall store featuring polo shirts.

tall and fit polo shirts

All is Belle – is looking like a Goddess in her Grecian maxi dress.

tall green maxi dress


Six8 Clothing Company – launched their men’s tall clothing line on 6/8. Pretty clever. Eh?

six 8 men's tall clothing store

Tallook – displays gorgeous tall colorblocking items.

tall colorblocking dress

Huffington Post – You won’t believe how Nicole Kidman used to look. It’s proof that with the right hair, makeup and clothes anyone can look fabulous!  This pic has me laughing.

nicole kidman young


Barefoot Tess is in a social media competition. Let’s support stores we love. Please take a moment and place your vote for them. You can vote for them in the large category.

barefoot tess competition

Our best blog post of the week is over on Tall Snob – where we take 7 pieces of clothing and mix and match them into 7 tall outfits.

7 tall outfits

krista tall clothing mall