Mens Custom Made Jeans 44″ Inseam: Personal Shopping

Connie called me asking for personal shopping help.  Her husband is 6’7″ tall and wear a size 38″ waist and a 44″ inseam.  For year they have purchased Wranglers with 44″ inseam lengths. But apparently they are only for tall and super thin guys as now that his waist has reached a 38″, they only make them with a 36″ waist and smaller. A 38″ waist with a 44″ inseam is still very slim, so I find this odd.  This request wins for having the longest inseam on this site.

I have good and bad news. The bad news is that I don’t know of any more ready-made jeans options.  The good news is that you can get some jeans custom made.


  •  The cheapest option is getting them from Make Your Own Jeans.  I bought a pair made for myself around 5 years ago and they turned out fine.  So not sure of their current quality, but the prices are super great.

custom jeans for tall men

  • Another option is to try out a new company called Black Box Denim.  Last year they ran a Kickstarter campaign to get their company off the ground. I actually pledged to help this company and received one of the first pairs of Black Box Denim custom jeans.  It took a year, but I received my jeans this Fall. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they fit and they added an extra 2 inches in length.  Not sure if they didn’t get my measurements correct, but since they are skinny jeans, I can deal with the added length.  The prices are a lot steeper with this company, but the quality seems high..  Here are the mens custom made jeans from Black Box Denim.

mens custom made jeans 44" inseam

Other options for mens custom jeans that I have not used before include:

That’s all that I can think of. If anyone else knows of an option to help out this guy, please let us know, by commenting below.

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