Women’s Tall Gray Suit

Online, I saw a tall woman stating that her work is requiring them to wear a dark gray suit. But, she is allergic to wool and struggling to find something that works. Of course, I had to see what I could find. Here are a few options:

  1. Tall Gray Vest
  2. Wide Leg Tall Trousers
  3. Custom Made Suit
  4. Another Custom Made Suit
  5. 3rd Custom Made Suit
  6. Tall Printed Blazer
  7. Tall Gray Blazer

Maybe with the change of the season, more options may become available in ready made clothes. But, these appear to the best options at this time.

Feeling Nautical?

Feeling nautical? Dive into the invigorating ocean breeze vibe with our recommended outfit; specifically designed for our tall ladies who love to travel in style. Don on cropped pants that beautifully highlight your long legs, paired with a white shirt and vibrant coral accessories and shoes for that pop of beachside fun. Walking along the sun-kissed beaches or shopping at coastal boutiques, this nautical ensemble will ensure you’re not only comfortable but also the epitome of vacation chic! Come sail away into the horizon of fashion-forward travel wear.

Shop the items:

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