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The Winner of our 5th Anniversay Contest

We have a winner of our 5th Anniversary contest!  The winning number is:

Congrats go to Sarah with this winning entry:

Please claim your prize within 48 hours, or we will draw a new winner. Thanks everyone for entering our contest!

Tall Personal Shopper: Soccer Shorts for Tall Thin Guy

I received a request to try and help find some longer length soccer shorts for a tall teen. He is 6’4″ tall and has a 32″ waist.

Soccer shorts generally do not have a long length.  The longest inseam I can find are about a 10″, which is not very long. I hope I’m not off base, but I suggest you go with basketball shorts.  I think it’s better to have longer shorts to avoid the “bird legs look”, then to have the so called “soccer shorts”. The basketball shorts have longer inseams and look similar to many styles of soccer shorts.  Here are some I suggest:
Hoop Shorts
Hoop Shorts 12″ inseam
Rose adizero Tech Shorts
adiPower Dwight Howard Shorts
Pro Model 3 Hype Shorts
Nike - Hustle Short (Black/White/White) - Apparel
Nike - Spike 11 Short (Black/Anthracite/Reflective Silver) - Apparel

What Type of "Tall" Are You?

The most ridiculous thing I ever see are signs that say “one size fits all”. Are you telling me I should wear the same size as my5’3″ tall mother-in-law? I DON’T THINK SO! We learned years ago to never go clothes shopping together.

Photo credit Taradata Magazine

And, you can’t slap a tag on clothes labeled “tall” and expect it to fit all tall people. There are all kinds of different tall shapes and sizes. My biggest pet peeve is when clothing stores stick a “tall” tag on and don’t include a tall size chart. Tall inseams can vary from 31″ – 42″ long. It can be very confusing to sort it all out.
Here we go with generalization again, but I think for the most part, all of us tall people can be sorted into one of the following categories of different tall body types.

  1. All Long Legs. Yep, you have mile long legs. Your legs make up your height. You could have an average torso length or even a short torso length.  A lady at a conference started a conversation with me and told me that she had a 37″ inseam length. I wouldn’t even have considered her “tall” as she may have been around 5’7″. I didn’t believe her, so she pulled up her long tunic to her waist and sure enough she had really long legs and an almost non-existent torso.
  2. All Long Torso – You may have average length legs or even short legs. Take Mike, from Twitter. He is 6’8″ long with just a 32″ inseam. I mentioned to him that’s the longest torso length I’ve ever heard of. He agreed and finding long enough tops is a real challenge. You poor people have a challenge fitting in cars and seats as they just aren’t made for your long backs.
  3. Balanced Tall – This is the group of people that have both long legs and long torsos. I fall into this category as I am 6’1″ tall and have a 35″ inseam length. My torso is also long and tall shirts are needed also.

Where do you fall on the spectrum of tall?

Tall Clothing Mall 5th Anniversary Giveaway & Special Offers

This week marks Tall Clothing Mall’s 5th Anniversary!
We are so excited! I never could have imagined that what started out as me book marking my favorite stores that sell tall or longer length clothing could have grown to such a valuable online resource for tall people. I now have a team of people that are constantly on the look out for the best tall clothing items, large size shoes and accessories as well as tall clothing sales.
I want to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who has helped make Tall Clothing Mall the website it is. Without your faith in me, your feedback, and visiting the website often we would not have been able to thrive let alone survive. The tall community is awesome and supportive! I’m proud to be able to help you look your best every day!

Let’s get on to the giveaways.

We will have two giveaway contests. Enter below for a chance to win the first giveaway which includes the following 2 prizes.

1.  $50 gift card to any store at Tall Clothing Mall.

2.  $50 gift card to Sierra Trading Post. They have a large selection of men’s big and tall clothing from some of the hottest brands at greatly reduced prices. They also have some women’s tall coats and blazers. This week they are offering us an exclusive discount of an extra 25% off everything via coupon code  ALTALLMALL2. Ends 1/27.

men's big and tall columbia jacket tall clothing mall contest
Columbia Cougar Peaks II Tall Jacket  – with above coupon the final price is $19.09.

Here is how you enter:

  • In the comments section below, please leave a comment stating a way that Tall Clothing Mall has helped make shopping easier for you. It’s that simple.
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We have another anniversary contest over at Tall Snob, so be sure to enter there also.

Long Inseam Jeans for Men

One thing I have noticed about men is that they tend to find something that fits comfortably (their first priority) and looks good (second priority) and wear it for like ever. And maybe it did look good…back when NKOTB was popular (and I’m not talking about their reemergence a few years ago).  There is a way to embrace the style without looking silly or taking too much of a risk.  But styles change and if you want to look current—I’m not talking about metro sexual trendsetter, just current– you have to change with them. 

I think both tall men and tall women struggle with finding the right fit, but perhaps due to their general disinterest in all things fashion, men need a bit more help. I have a passion for tall people wearing long inseam clothing that fits. It’s difficult but not impossible!

long inseam jeans for men and men's tall jeansEnter Tall Fashionista.  Our first topic?  Tall jeans.  Men, please do not wear high waters.  They are not cool.  They were never cool.  And in this day and age you can find long inseam jeans at almost any price.  So what is hot right now? Wearing fitted, dare I say, skinny long inseam jeans. I can see you cringing now.  But don’t walk away just yet!  While women appreciate a man who cares about his appearance, they typically don’t like a man who dresses just like they do.  Not everyone needs to wear skin tight jeans.  So I’m not referring to jeans that look plain ridiculous on males.  I’m simply challenging you to lean toward a fitted silhouette rather than the baggy or loose fit that was the look du jour back in the day. 

Depending on your physique you might be able to get away with true skinny jeans.  If you are tall, slim but not rail thin (think athletic) and have that V thing going on (broader in the shoulders and then slimmer in the waist/hips), then go for it!  You have what most men want.  Get a pair of long inseam skinny or slim jeans and even if you feel a bit uncomfortable at first, I promise once the compliments start rolling in, you will start to feel more confident.  If you’re very skinny and very tall, you might want to go with a long inseam slim boot or straight leg.  It will give you a bit more volume while without being out-of-date.  And if you’re stocky or what a girlfriend of mine describes as “football husky” as my husband is, go with a long inseam straight leg or even a skinny- but one in which you’ve read reviews and isn’t model skinny.  I know- it seems complicated. However, the beauty of online shopping is you can order things from the comfort of your couch in the comfort of your home and try, try, try until you find that perfect fit. 

It’s a risk.  I know it’s scary.  But aren’t you men supposed to be the risk takers?  Just put those baggy loose fit jeans in the back of our closet (I’d say throw them out but I don’t want you to stop reading!) and go for it!

Visit the men’s tall jeans section for a selection of long inseam skinny, slim, and bootcut jeans for men.

Tall Man of The Day – Tim Tebow

Can we get enough of Tebow? As Dever Broncos fans my family says “NO!”  We love him!
So we’re calling Tim Tebow our Tall Man of the Day!

Source: via Tall on Pinterest

According to Wikipedia Tebow is 6’3″ tall. Lately we’ve learned a few things about him that we didn’t know.

  • He was born in the Phillippines to American parents who were serving as Baptist missionaries.
  • Tebow was home schooled.
  • In high school Tebow played for a team that ran more than they passed the ball, so he moved to an apartment to be able to attend a high school where he could show off his quarterback skills. This was a controversial move.
  • During high school he spent his Summers in the Philippines helping in his father’s orphanage and doing missionary work
  • Tebow was the first home-schooling athlete to be nominated for the Heisman award.
  • Before each Bronco game Tebow visits with a handicapped or sickened child or someone that has had a hard life. We love that he’s so humble and personable!

Below my boys are “Tebowing” and as fans we must say “Go Broncos!”

tall people blogs tim tebow tebowing

Tebow info. source Wikipedia.

Tall Tuesday Link Up

It’s Tall Tuesday and it’s time to link up your best blog post for the last 2 weeks. If you are tall and have a blog whether fashion related or not, you can go ahead and link up. Make sure it is family friendly! This is a great way to share your blog!

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