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Linen Pants for Tall Men

In my posts and newsletters I often mention how much easier men have it then women when it comes to fashion. As I said in this week’s newsletter, with fewer choices, comes fewer opportunities for error. Not to mention it’s much easier to hide figure flaws for men than it is for women. But the flip side of these pros is the one major con: there just aren’t that many different types of clothing for men. You’ve got your jeans, shorts, slacks, polos, button ups, sweaters, and t-shirts. Did I cover it all? Perhaps for most men, those are more than enough options. But there are occasions when you want to try something different and put forth a bit more effort than your every day uniform: perhaps a beachy vacation, a date night, or an event such as a wedding. Well linen pants are a great option for just such occasions. I love linen pants because they can seem dressier than your average slacks in the right setting or seem more casual than your regular dress pants in a different setting. And there’s something about a clothing item that is intended to wear during summer only that make it appealing to me (maybe because I live in frigid New England?!). Versatility is important when you’re spending your hard earned cash on a piece of clothing. Even though linen pants are a great option for men, I can only imagine that they might be hard to “style” for the average male. So in that vein, we thought we’d help you out! Here are just a few shirts I’d suggest you pair with linen pants, and as a bonus a few pairs of shoes as well. (That was your next question wasn’t it?!) 😉

And now here’s the choices in men’s tall linen pants.