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Men’s Extra Long Cargo Shorts

My husband enjoys wearing shorts year round and especially extra long cargo shorts. I’m always on the lookout for cool new styles. Here’s a few of my latest finds.

men's extra long cargo shorts
Pictured Above from left to right in rows:

Santos Camouflage Shorts – 14″ Inseam. Nike Stretch Woven Cargo Shorts – 12″ Inseam. X-Ray Long Cargo Shorts – inseam unknown, but they look really long.
True Religion Cargo Shorts – 14″ Inseam. Columbia Plaid Cargo Shorts 12″ & 14″ Inseam.   Levi’s Squadron Belted Cargo Shorts – 12″ Inseam.
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Fall Ahead: Quasi Casual Look for Tall Men.

I like it when outfits qualify as casual, but if you decide to go to dinner, on an upscale shopping spree (you know- where you intend to go into stores where people will judge you if you look like you can’t afford to be there.  Wait, am I the only one who notices that?!), or a date night you don’t feel out of place.  That’s the sort of day I was envisioning when I created this look.  It’s casual, but also stylish.  Basically it will make you look like you’ve got your stuff together.  Seriously.

men's tall casual look outfit