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Nordstrom Smartcare Tall Shirts

You really need to try the Nordstrom Smartcare shirts. They feel great and many are made of wrinkle-free fabrics that help you stay professional looking all day long.  They have sleeve lengths up to 38″ long. Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns on all orders, so there’s no risk to try them.

nordstrom smartcare tall shirts

 Smartcare Traditional Fit Tall Shirt – 4 colors

View the complete collection of Smartcare Tall Shirts here.

krista owner tall clothing mall

Fresh Floral Tall Outfit

The flowers are starting to bloom outside and some of our favorite stores are starting to display floral prints and I love it! Floral fabrics are fresh and beautiful especially in the Spring and Summer.  Today’s tall outfit starts with an embroidered top and tall pencil skirt. Could be worn as is, but put on the pretty floral tall blazer and you’ll be tuning heads.
floral tall outfit

Embroidered Tall TopFloral Tall Blazer.

 Side Stripe Tall Pencil SkirtNine West Ankle Strap Sandal – to size 14.

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krista owner tall clothing mall

Custom Made Wetsuits

Have you ever tried to squeeze yourself into a normal sized wetsuit?. Mr. Tall and I have and trust us we didn’t take any pictures. It was UGLY.  I felt like I was stuffed inside a sausage casing and literally couldn’t move or breathe.  The adventure company’s solution was just to give is a bigger size and although it helped, it sure didn’t fit our tall bodies. custom made wet suit So, when I came across Carapace Wetsuits, I knew some of you may be interested in getting a custom made wetsuit.  If I lived closer to the beach, I’d be getting one of these.

You can check out Carapace Wetsuits or our section of  custom made clothes.

krista owner tall clothing mall

Foldable Flats Perfect for Travel

Have you seen these foldable flats? I think they are so cute!

tieks foldable flats

If you are out on the town wearing your heels and you are afraid your feet may start hurting, put a pair of these flats in your purse to change into later.  They will also pack well for traveling! But, the best part is that they are available to size 13!  I love it when shoe companies include sizes for those of us with bigger feet! Thank you!

mint green flats


I’m loving these mint green flats.  Don’t you?

Check out Tieks by Gavrieli and search by your size!

krista owner tall clothing mall

5 Hats for Big and Tall Guys

Every time the weather heats up, I get a few requests for help in finding hats for big and tall guys.  As a woman with a head that’s bigger than most, I know how it hurts to wear hats that squeeze my head.  Mr. Tall has a big head too, so we match! “Head move, now!” Do you remember that movie?  Yep, that’s probably us.   Anyway, we’d look dumb if we had a little head on top of our tall bodies, so it’s all proportional people! 🙂 Here’s my top 5 picks in big and tall hats:

ralph lauren big and tall baseball cap

Ralph Lauren big and tall baseball cap available in 3 colors. Currently on sale.
safari big and tall hat
adidas big and tall baseball cap
big and tall hat panama
polo ralph lauren big and tall hat
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krista owner tall clothing mall 

Denim Tall Jumpsuit

It’s been a while, since I’ve seen a denim tall jumpsuit that I love.  This one has a lot going right.  I love the wide legs and the cross body front. It reminds me a little of Charlie’s Angels. The jumpsuit comes in a 37″ inseam length.

denim tall jumpsuit

However, I am a very conservative woman, so I’d wear a cap sleeve t-shirt underneath as I think it’s too low-cut.  Would you wear this jumpsuit? View more choices in tall jumpsuits over at Tall Snob.

krista owner tall clothing mall

Mens Fidelity Denim 36 Inseam

This pair of mens Fidelity Denim with a 36″ inseam length has a slim fit. They have a flattering dark wash and come in waist sizes 32″ – 40″.  Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns.
mens fidelity denim 36 inseam


View more 36″ inseam jeans for men here.

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I Want to be Short!

I want to be short,

So I can fit inside a fort.

I‘ll  buy shoes in my size

Just like my friend buys.

keep calm and buy shoes

When I fall down,

I’ll be much closer to the ground.

Someone can call me “cute”

That would be a hoot!

you're cute

I may become afraid of heights

And I’d wear baggy tights.

My pants would be too long

They would fit me all wrong.

pants too long

To reach the top shelf, I’d get me a stool

Climbing up a ladder would be so cool!

As you can see, it’s best to be small

So I can do all the things, I can’t when I’m tall!


big shoes april fools

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