Tall Irish Blessing

tall irish blessing

Looking for Talented Tall People

Tall Clothing Mall is on the lookout for talented tall people!  If you are a musician, a comedian, a motivational speaker or have other amazing talents Tall Clothing Mall wants to know.  Or, if you have someone you recommend, please tell us about it.  Please keep it G rated. Thank you.


talented tall people

9000 Facebook Fans!!! It’s time for a giveaway!

Tall Clothing Mall just reached 9000 Facebook fans and I am so humbled and so grateful!  The bonus is that it happened on #TallTuesday! In honor of all of you wonderful people, I’m in the mood for a giveaway!  I’m giving away a $100 Nordstrom gift card. This contest will end next Tuesday Dec 15th at 11:59 MST as I want to give you time to use the gift card for Christmas.

9000 facebook fans


In order to enter the contest, you must enter via the widget below.  The mandatory entry is that you must be one of our Facebook Fans. After you’ve clicked over to our Facebook page, you can get bonus entries via tweeting, commenting or following us on Pinterest.   Good luck!

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Stand Up Desks for Tall People

I’m coming up on my 8th year of blogging and I’m realizing just how important it is to get up and walk around often.  Sitting all day, is bad for my health. My mom had chronic blood clots which led her to have several strokes.  This summer my dear mother passed away from another blood clot. It’s been a very difficult few months and I miss my mom dearly.  I’m worried that myself and my siblings may be pre-disposed to blood clots.  It stinks!

This issue has been foremost on my mind lately and I’m evaluating everything I do in life to create a healthier life.  I need to change lots of things.  In my research, I’ve found that stand up desks can help prevent blood clots. I believe that I will be more apt to stretch, squat and move more while standing. Burning a few extra calories a day is also a bonus.  I’d love to hear any feedback from you if you have a stand up desk.   Do you actually use it? Do you feel better?


I don’t have one of these desks yet, but here are my top picks:

 adjustable standing desk tall

Black Adjustable Standing Desk – Can hold 2 monitors. Adjusts up to 47 1/4″.

varidesk for tall people

Varidesk adjusts to 11 settings. Their tallest desk for people over 6’1″ tall.

stand up desks for tall people

Premium Desks – Adjusts up to 50″

turn your desk into a stand up desk

Turn any surface into a stand up desk – adjustable from 11″ to 17″.

Do you use a stand-up desk?  Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear if it’s made a difference in your health.

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Europe Guided Tours With Extra Leg Room

As your resident travel agent, I try to keep a look out for travel options for my tall friends as well as myself.  If you’re tall, there’s nothing worse that being crammed into a tour bus for two weeks where your legs don’t fit.  I know of a tour company that has taken out many rows of seats on their coaches and reconfigured them so that everyone has more leg room.  Awesome!  They only take up to 40 people on their buses, so you aren’t traveling with a massive crowd. Plus, they are one of my preferred suppliers which means great prices and amenities.

One itinerary I would love to take is the Highlight of Europe Tour – as it is a 17 day tour around Europe visiting England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France.  Land only prices start at $4945 per person (based on double occupancy) for trips this Summer.

europe tours for tall people


These are luxurious guided tours with stays in first class accommodations. Many meals are included and  your bags and tips are handled for you. You’ll be given headsets so that you can hear everything your local guides are teaching you while journeying to historical sites.  Shorter, longer and less expensive tours are also available.

You know me from helping you find tall clothes, but I’d also love to book your travel.  krista mayne tall travel agent

Sticking My Neck Out

I’m sticking my neck out to show you this quirky giraffe wall hanging.  Could make a funny gift for your favorite tall friend. Why take ourselves so seriously? Life is to be enjoyed!
giraffe wall hanging


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Tall Man of the Year – Joe

Today I’m nominating Joe as our tall man of the year! Joe is Tiffany’s husband. Tiffany writes our newsletter and blogs for us.  Today he is on his last chemo treatment.  As I’ve followed his blog, he has been completely honest about his journey. I’m amazed by his courage and faith!  Please go over to our Facebook page and like this post to wish him luck with his last treatment:




I Want to be Short!

I want to be short,

So I can fit inside a fort.

I‘ll  buy shoes in my size

Just like my friend buys.

keep calm and buy shoes

When I fall down,

I’ll be much closer to the ground.

Someone can call me “cute”

That would be a hoot!

you're cute

I may become afraid of heights

And I’d wear baggy tights.

My pants would be too long

They would fit me all wrong.

pants too long

To reach the top shelf, I’d get me a stool

Climbing up a ladder would be so cool!

As you can see, it’s best to be small

So I can do all the things, I can’t when I’m tall!


big shoes april fools

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You Can’t Get a Show Pony….

Do you really want to be a show pony?  Clydesdales have so much more power and they are beautiful, fierce and majestic! Be your own kind of beautiful! 🙂

you can't get a show pony