Ed Hardy Men’s Tall Jeans

Ed Hardy is a designer brand of jeans known for their outrageous designs usually on the rear end or legs. They are especially popular with the urban and hip-hop crowd. I’ve found a few pairs of men’s Ed Hardy tall jeans and it looks like most are on sale.

Buckle’s Skull Rose Ed Hardy Tall Jeans 34″ Inseam (waists 30″-33″)

Macy’s Ed Hardy Tall Jeans 34″ inseam (waists 32″-44″)

Ed Hardy Men's Pinky Wash Jeans
Overstock’s Pinky Wash Ed Hardy Tall Jeans 34″ Inseam (waists 30″-38″)

Amazon’s Zipper Pocket Ed Hardy Tall Jeans 34″, 36″, 38″ and 40″ inseam.
(waists sizes are very limited)

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