Resort Must Haves for Tall Women & Men

Written by Tiffany:

With each week that passes, we get closer and closer to the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. It seems that just after Christmas, retailers are breaking out the Spring lines. I have mixed feelings about this time of year. On one hand I’m excited to see the new styles, bright colors, and warm weather essentials. On the other hand it’s a bit depressing to see those styles hit stores in February knowing I won’t be able to wear them for several months (or maybe even June- I do live in New Hampshire after all!). That said, my love of fashion and shopping overwhelms all other emotions. 🙂

For these reasons and others (February school vacation and/or Spring break), now is a prime time to take a vacation. Many families choose this time of year to get away to a warmer climate. It’s the perfect time because it can serve as a bridge to get over the hump of winter and carry us toward Spring and Summer. To that end, I’d love to highlight some resort wear for us tall guys and gals.

Resort Wear Must Haves For Her:

women's tall resortwear

1. A beachy dress is essential. You’ll want something casual that you can throw on over a swimsuit but nice enough that you can go from the beach to a dining area in a jiffy.

2. Lightweight jacket. A denim jacket is perfect and classic. Although your destination may be warm, getting there may not be. And you might have to deal with frigid AC temps when indoors.
I love that this one comes in classic denim and white.

3. Cute hat. This one isn’t big enough to protect your shoulders from sunburn, but it will protect your scalp and nose. And it’s SO cute that it’s worth slathering on the extra SPF.

4. Scarf. I always wear or carry a scarf with me when I travel. They are so useful. It helps keep you warm on the plane, can double as a little blankie or shawl, and just makes any outfit look more chic. The Caribbean blue color of this particular scarf makes it a winning choice for a winter getaway.

5. Sandals. Duh right? I included this because it’s so tempting to bring tons of shoes but if you choose carefully you can get away with 3 pairs of shoes. In this case, I chose a gladiator style in a neutral shade and print (Yes, animal print is a neutral!). These go with white, black, tan, or bright colors and they are perfect for dressing up or down.

6. Tote . I was tempted to go for the obvious choice here: a straw beach tote. That would be a safe choice. But why not choose a bolder, canvas option that will pop with any outfit?!

7. Swimsuit–But not any ‘ol swimsuit. This one is a gorgeous shade of red (sexy), one piece (functional), and of course comes in long torso.

I had to stop myself here…but I could have easily added another 5 or 6 items. I feel a “Resort Wear Must Haves Part II” coming on! Stay tuned… 🙂

Resort Wear Must Haves For Him:

men's tall resortwear tall outfit

1. Dressy shorts. This is kind of the equivalent to the beachy dress. You could wear these to dinner but they’d be appropriate for strolling along the beach as well.

2. Swim trunks. It’s not easy to find “tall” swim trunks. These are a classic pair. They are a little more grown up then the oodles of hibiscus pairs we’re seeing, but a little more fun than plain board shorts.

3. Golf Shirt. If you’re anything like my husband, vacation isn’t vacation until you’ve squeezed in some golf time. This one is only $33, and comes in tall sizes and 8 colors.

4. Backpack. I’m a big fan of the murse (man purse, although I guess it could easily be mistaken for male nurse. I’ll have to work on my made up words). But most men aren’t hearing it. In your everyday life you can get away with shoving tons of stuff into your wallet and pockets but on vacation you have to have something more substantial. This one is perfect for sightseeing and excursions….assuming you can tear yourself away from lazy days on the beach!

5. Sandals. Real leather is comfortable but also more stylish than your typical rubber flip flops. You could totally wear these with chinos or khakis to dress them up.

6. Sunglasses. I’ll admit it’s hard to pick male clothing because it tends to be so basic. I had to add a fun accessory and this one is also clearly a necessity! I love the aviator shape; they look cool without looking like you’re trying too hard.

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