Self Esteem Books for Tall People

Many tall people at one point or another in their life have suffered from some sort of self-esteem issues. I know as a tall girl, grade school and Jr. high were particularly difficult. One day in 6th grade a visitor came into the classroom. With my back turned toward him, he thought I was the teacher. I also received daily taunts from “short boys”. As I look back on it, the taunting was because the short boys were just as insecure about their height as I was about mine. Today I came across some books at Amazon that may help with self-esteem issues for tall people including children and adults.

the tall book - self esteem books for tall people



The Tall Book

Michelle Obama: First Lady of Hope
When I sign off of my monthly newsletters I always say, “Thanks, and remember to stand tall.” What does this mean to me? Not only does it mean to stand up straight and be proud of who you are, but it also has another meaning. Take a stand, a conviction, be proud of who you are and what you believe in. This is the deeper meaning I feel when I say, “remember to stand tall.”


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