Extra Long Twin Bedding

I’m sure there’s some tall people out there needing extra long mattresses. I don’t require one, but I do enjoy the extra space that our California King provides.  After all Mr. Tall tends to dream he is punching people. It’s quite frightening to get slugged in the middle of the night.

My 13 year old is growing like a weed and may need an extra long twin mattress soon. We don’t have the space for anything bigger than a twin.  I’ve been looking at options and thought I’d share them with you.

extra long twin mattress
Boyd’s Specialty – Extra Long Twin Mattress (free shipping)

black comforter

Black Extra Long Twin Comforterchevron extra long beddingChevron Extra Long Twin Comforter

striped extra long twin comforter

Striped Extra Long Twin Comforter