Tall Dresses for a Hot Night Out

Do you ever have that moment of panic when you realize you don’t have anything to wear so a specific event?  This happened to me last week when we decided to go out to a nice dinner with some friends.  I initially wasn’t planning to get too gussied up but then my friend mentioned that she was going to wear a black cocktail dress. Yikes!  I knew I would need to dress up a bit more than originally planned.  To make things just a bit more fun, it was a very hot day with highs in the 90s.  I knew I would need to choose my outfit wisely so that I was comfortable during dinner.

As I was looking through my closet, I noticed that I have a lot of dresses that are suitable for daytime wear and the fabrics of my fancier dresses are not suitable for hot summer nights.  This caused me to go in search of the perfect tall “night-out” dress for summer.  Here are a few of my finds:

For a night out, you can never go wrong with a little black dress.  If you happen to glisten (translation: sweat) a bit in the heat, black fabric will always help disguise that.  Speaking of fabric, this tall fit-and-flare dress is 60% cotton so it should be somewhat breathable and the flowy bottom of the dress will also help keep you cool.  The cap sleeves and split neck are an elegant touch but best of all the dress is currently on sale!

fit and flare tall dress

Fit and Flare Tall Dress

During warmer months, I find it fun to infuse some bold colors into my night-out repertoire.  This dress comes in yellow, blue, orange and black.  I think black and orange would be more suitable for a night-out, while the yellow and blue would work better for daytime.  Pair the dress with a chunky necklace and some killer heels to up the glam factor.

textured tall dress

 Textured Tall Dress

The thought of customizing a dress definitely appeals to me, and eShakti has several dresses in hot-weather friendly cotton fabric. You can either order the standard size or you can input your measurements for a custom size.  You can further customize the dress by playing with the sleeve type and the length of the skirt. The bright pattern of this dress and the figure-flattering fit is sure to turn heads!

customized tall dressCustomized Dress

What do you wear for a night out when it’s hot?

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