How to Navigate Tall Clothing Mall

We’ve gotten lots of new visitors lately and have gotten some emails asking how to navigate Tall Clothing Mall. With over 1000 special sections here, we can certainly see how you can get lost! But don’t fear, we’re here to help!  Whether you are new, or have been with us for years, you may want a refresher on the best way to navigate around your “tall mall”.


First off let’s explore the main navigation bar. You will see this navigation menu on every page of Tall Clothing Mall. Let’s break it down.
tall clothing mall navigation menu

1. The dark blue area is the main navigation menu.

  •  If you are a woman – click on women’s and you can shop via the special sections such as jeans that are sorted via inseam lengths and via tops, outerwear, etc. Same goes for the men’s section. These sections are listed by clothing type so you can compare the best tall clothing items via type and the tall store that sells them. For instance: when you click on an item you love, a new window will pop up and will take you to the store that sells the item and you can get more info. You will also the big list of tall stores here.
  • Click on shoes to see the shoe directory of what sizes our partner stores sell as well as shoe discounts. The women’s shoe section even has section featuring trendy shoes for tall women.
  • If you need extra help finding something special, click on personal shopper. Fill out the form and our stylists will do their best to help you find what you need.
  • Custom – helps you see who sells custom made or custom sized clothing and shoes.
  • Sales – save lots of money via our coupons and sales. This section is updated most days.

2. Search Bar

  • Use the search bar to easily search for exactly what you need. You can search via one word, or get more specific by using multiple words.

3. Getting Social

  • These buttons let you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. The last button is for sending us an email.

4. Home Page

  • Anytime you are lost, feel free to hit the home button on the navigation menu to return to the home page.

5. Tall Clothing Mall Blog

  • The content listed below the dark blue navigation menu is the Tall Clothing Mall blog.  In fact, you are reading a blog post right now! Here we show you additional tall clothing, have contests, spotlight tall stores, talk about tall people we love or anything else that is relevant to tall people. This content is updated frequently. When you get to the bottom of the content, you will see a type that says “Older Posts”. If you want to read all of the blog posts, just keep clicking on “Older Posts.” to read more. 

tall clothing mall blog


6. Right Side Bar

  • We have several right side bars depending on where you are, but let’s tell you about a few features of the main sidebar.
  • You will find a form in turquoise where you can sign up for our newsletter. Please sign up for our newsletter as we share with you unique content that we don’t feature anywhere else. We also give you sale alerts. Who wants to miss a killer sale? Um – no one!
  • We also have a spot where you can visit some of our advertisers. Advertisers help keep everything we offer free! So show your love to them! 
  • Blog categories are important as they also help you navigate around our blog – see #5 above. To see the categories, use the drop down menu. 
  • We also have an area called trending now – that shows you what the most popular sections of Tall Clothing Mall are at the present time. It’s sort of like the winners of the popularity contest! 🙂

right side bar at Tall Clothing Mall

 7. Footer Menu

  • The last area on our website is the footer menu. This is located on every section at the very bottom. We have some of our required legal notices including our disclosure and privacy policy.
  • Sitemap – if you really want to browse everything here at Tall Clothing Mall, this is for you.
  • We also have a link to our About Us page.
  • Our Fashion Advice button is for you to sign up for our newsletter as well as lists of special articles we have written with additional style advice for tall people.

footer menu

8. Tall Snob

  • Although not mentioned, we also have a blog only for tall women and this is called Tall Snob

That wraps up our tutorial on “How to Navigate Tall Clothing Mall.”  As always, feel free to email us if you need additional help finding something special or if you want to share with us a tall clothing item or tall store that you love.

krista tall clothing mall