What Do You Need Help Finding?

If you’re having a hard time finding a tall clothing item or pair of shoes, please contact me and I will do my best to help you find it.

Case in Point

On Twitter I saw Tamu, a tall lady say she was having a hard time finding an affordable pair of sexy high heels in a size 12. I offered to help her find some shoes. After a brief correspondence, I found she wanted some very high heels in a nude color to match her skin tone. Immediately, I set out to help her since I also wear a size 12 shoe and realize sometimes it’s just a huge pain to find great looking shoes without trying them on. I directed Tamu to our special women’s shoe section as we already have a special page with nude colored shoe options. I added a few more choices for her and she found a pair she craved and placed her order.
Today on Twitter, she thanked me saying, “@tallclothingmal Thank you for helping me find my shoes. I love them!!!” and showed me the picture. Don’t her legs look fabulous in those shoes?
size 12 nude high heelsI get great satisfaction in helping my tall friends find items you are searching for. So, send me an email and see if I can help you. Consider me your tall personal shopper!