Casual Wedding Dresses for Tall Women

While many of us opt for a traditional wedding dress, casual backyard weddings are all the rage. I love the thought of an informal ‘wedding dress’ adorned with a bird-cage veil or a full one, bejeweled pumps or colored ones, and vintage rhinestones or classic pearls. Here are 6 pretty white dresses for tall women that would be beautiful for a an informal wedding.
casual wedding dresses for tall women

Row 1: Premium Tall Lace Dress. Tall Lace Peplum DressTrapeze Tall Lace Dress.

Row 2: Tall Lace Halter Maxi DressScallop Tall Lace Dress. Tall Laced Maxi Dress.

To see them in their glory, click the links. The detail on each of these tall wedding dresses is beautiful!