Levi’s for Tall and Thin Guys

One of my teen sons has grown several inches this Summer/Fall.  He’s now up to 6’5″ tall and has a 36″ inseam length and a 32″ waist.  We set out to find the best pair of Levi’s brand jeans for him.  We ordered every style of Levi’s available, tried them on and analyzed them all.  We had quite the pile of jeans.

My son’s very picky about his jeans and ended up keeping three pair of jeans which I am showing below.  Click directly on any of the jeans that interest you. You’ll get free shipping and returns on any jeans you buy. Best of all, they are really affordable and all are under $40 a pair.

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levis for tall and thin guys

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Please excuse the photo quality as I know it’s the not best, but hopefully you can tell how they fit.

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Jeans for Tall and Thin Guys 38 Inseam

Today’s tall personal shopping request came from a mother looking for men’s tall and thin jeans for a teen son.

Client – A tall and thin teen guy need jeans with a 38″ inseam. Age 15 and 6’6″ tall weighs 130.

Size – His mom is trying to find jeans with a 30″ waist or close.

Krista Responds: I have two tall teen sons and one in very tall and thin, so I understand your frustration.  I actually get asked this question often. Here are some of the most popular pairs in the sizes you need:

tall and thin jeans guys

Bke Tyler Straight Leg 31” x 38”

31" x 38" jeans for tall thin men

 Bke Tyler Relaxed Bootcut – 31” x 38”
Here’s another wash. And a 3rd color.

cinch green label jeans

Cinch Jeans – waists starting at 29″ with a 38″ inseam length.

stetson tall and thin jeans mensStetson Jeans – 38″ a few pairs starting at 31″ waists. View more sizes and styles of Stetson Jeans here.  – Up to 40″ Inseam lengths.

rock and roll cowyboy jeans tall

Rock & Roll Cowboy – there’s one pair left with a 31″ waist.

You had mentioned that you had once bought a pair of jeans in a size 32″ x 38″ inseam.  If you want to try this size again, there’s several styles here including Levi’s jeans in many styles. Also get free shipping and returns.

I hope this helps you find some pants for your tall teenage son that he likes.

You can also view our section of men’s 38″ inseam jeans.

krista owner tall clothing mall