The Longest Board Shorts

So who makes the longest board shorts? I’m on a quest to figure this out. I get lots of requests for them mostly from tall guys in the 6’4″ height and taller. There is a serious shortage in stores that carry them. I’ve actually thought about designing a brand for tall people. What do you think of that idea?
It’s also hard to tell who actually has the longest length as sometimes board shorts are measured by the overall outward length, while some are measured by inseam length. It would be helpful if there was a standard measurement – similar to jeans. With board shorts labeled by inseam length and then a measurement telling us the rise as these can vary greatly.
Now that I’ve explained the discrepancies, here are the longest board shorts that I can find around. If you know of any more, leave a comment and I will put them on my list.

  • Cire Boardwear claims to have outward lengths up to 25″ long. Waists are only up to 38″.

For Ready to Wear:

Metal Mulisha - Predominant Boardshort (White) - Apparel

Metal Mulisha Boardshorts 23″ outseam

Metal Mulisha - Nevermind Boardshort (Black) - Apparel
Metal Mulisha Boardshorts 23″ outseam

O'Neill - Wayland Boardshort (White) - Apparel

O’Neill Boardshorts 23″ outseam

Rip Curl - Boxxed Boardshort (Red) - Apparel

Rip Curl Boardshort 23″ outseam

Nike 6.0 - Nike 6.0 The Next One Boardshort (Black/Black) - Apparel

Nike 6.0 Boardshort 23″ outseam
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