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38 Inseam Yoga Pants for Tall Women

Extra long yoga pants are becoming easier to find. Long Legs, a tall store in Canada has put this pair on sale. This pair of 38″ inseam yoga pants features a pull tie in front to adjust the rise. These yoga’s can be a mid-rise or decide !! Great wide leg is very flattering. On sale for $51 Canadian dollars. Click here for more tall yoga pants.

Barefoot Tess

Barefoot Tess has redesigned their website and boy and I happy! Now you can search for your larger size shoes by size. They always have the trendiest shoes and with Spring fast approaching, check out some of their new styles as they are terrific! Be sure to enter coupon code: TALLWOMEN15 to save 15% off your order.
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Tall Men- What to Wear Hiking

If you enjoy hiking, I’ve put together a great tall hiking outfit for tall men. {items sold out}  First off you need a lightweight tall t-shirt so you don’t get too hot. Next how about a nice looking pair of tall cargo shorts for carrying all your gear? Finally, no day of hiking would be complete with of hiking shoes available in larger sizes. Columbia makes a really high rated hiking boot available up to size 17. Check out more men’s tall clothing visit Tall Clothing Mall.

Tall Dress for Spring or Summer

Here’s another darling tall dress perfect for warmer weather. It comes in beautiful polka dot prints and fun Hawaiian prints. Of course, I love the Hawaiian print dress. This dress has gotten rave reviews such as this one. “Super cute, vibrant color, perfect for my next trip to Hawaii. This silhouette is great for me because of the close fitting bodice and loose fitting skirt(I’m ever so slightly pear-shaped).” Available in tall sizes 6-18. $98
{Now Sold Out}

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How to Appear Shorter

how to appear shorter

Lately, I have come across many online articles on ways to appear shorter. I personally don’t get it. Why not just accentuate the positive? But, for those of you tall people desperate to look shorter, here are my top 10 humorous suggestions that I found online of ways to make yourself appear shorter. Enjoy!


10. Mix light and dark shades. Pairing a dark shirt with light pants, or vice verse, will shorten your body. Avoid short shorts at all costs!

9. If you wear shirts that have stripes, wear them horizontally. Instead of looking taller, you will look more fat.

8. Kneel and strap your shoes to your knees. It’s a bit difficult to walk, but you will definitely look shorter.

7. Have Chuck Norris roundhouse kick your legs. You’ll lose like 6 inches off em.

6. Hmmm, maybe try hanging out with pro basketball players, they’ll make us look downright petite.

5. You might try looking in a trick mirror, bending your knees, trimming the bottoms of your feet, wearing horizontal striped shirts, or being persistent at sitting down.

4. To appear shorter, lower your pants down your waist so that they appear baggy around your ankles. Wear a long coat and let it hang open so that you seem less vertical. Carry bulky accessories and slouch your shoulders in.

3. A slouched stance will make you look shorter, not to mention insecure.

2. Make your surroundings bigger so you seem smaller. Buy large furniture, tall counter tops, use wide doorways, drive a truck and not a little car.

1. Just sit down.

krista tall clothing mall

Long Length Colorblock Jacket

Colorblocking is a hot trend this Spring. This tall colorblock jacket iconwill keep you professional looking, yet stylish. Best of all the 3/4 length sleeves are hip, so you don’t need to worry about sleeves that are too short. This longer jacket is slimming and is 37″ long from the shoulder to hem. $158

The Longest Inseam Pants I Have Ever Found- 42 Inch Inseam Length

Today I found some men’s tall pants with the longest inseam I have ever seen- a whopping 42 inch inseam length! I try really hard to find pants with the longest lengths around and I think I’ve succeeded today. This is a pair of double-pleated Cutter & Buck ‘Performance’ Pants iconthat are wrinkle and stain resistant. Gripper detail inside waist helps keep tops tucked in. They are available in navy in waist sizes 38″-48″ for $92. When you order totals $200 or more, you receive free shipping. Have fun shopping for your tall pants that will actually be long enough!
Visit Tall Clothing Mall for more tall clothing.

Tall Shapewear

There has been so much buzz over the past couple of years about great underclothing products that help you look slimmer. The bummer for tall women, is that most of these products are not designed for in tall sizes. Today I found shapewear for tall women. Finally a designer that realizes that one size does not fit all! Donna Karen’s tall shapewear items are proportioned with longer seams allowing for a better fit. The following tall shapewear items are available at Nordstroms.
iconicon icon

Funny Tall Story

Today I went grocery shopping. The local store is being remodeled and so some of the isles are pretty tight together. I bribed my two year old with a balloon so he would be good while shopping. When he chose his balloon it was between “Pirates of the Carribbean” or “Barbie”. We went with Pirates. Unbeknownest to me, the balloon plays music and plays it loud. As we got to the end of a skinny food isle, right as we were turning the corner the balloon music came on in it’s glory. At the same moment, a little old woman was also turning the corner. She saw me, in my 6’1″ intimidating size and the balloon blaring and she literally jumped a foot. The look on her face was sheer horror. I felt kind of bad, but what do you do? I have been laughing ever since. It’s not often you run into a woman as tall as me in my small town and have a balloon blare at you in your face. Poor lady. Are tall women intimidating? Yes, but at times it adds some humor to all of our lives.

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Look What I found on Sale at Nordstroms

Nordstoms has beautiful shoes and I love their shoes sales. They carry many women’s larger size shoes in all the hottest styles. I found this Pelle Moda ‘Fipe’ Peep Toe Kitten Heel Pump
iconin my size. Oh happy day! I love that that it has a slight heel of 1 3/4″ which is the perfect height for me. The antiqued crystal buckle gives this suede pump a bit of a dressier touch and brown is one of my favorite colors to wear with many of my suits.
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