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Back to School Tall Clothes Shopping

School is starting very soon. If you are searching for back to school clothes that are long enough, you are not alone. Don’t despair. I have been helping tall men and women from teen age to adults find tall clothes that will fit. If you are in need of special help send an email to . Please give me specific info. of what you need help finding. Please include: size, inseam length, your budget, and your approx. age.
I answer requests on a first come basis.
You can also browse my website Tall Clothing Mall for more inspiration.

Can a Tall Person Fit in a Smart Car?

I love this cute little car. With the price of gas, the smart car is looking very attractive. So, I am wondering if tall people can fit in a smart car? I am 6’1″ and my husband is 6’3″. I’m pretty sure our heads could hang out the top of the convertible model, but what about leg room. Surely some of you tall people have test drove one. So what do you think? I welcome any comments below.

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Where to Find Tall Olympic Clothes

I love the Olympics. I will be watching and recording every event I can. My household will basically shut down as we cheer for team USA. I have been searching for big and tall Olympic clothes and here is my list of where to find tall Olympic Clothes:
1.Rochester Big & Tall has a large selection of big and tall Olympic clothes from Polo Ralph Lauren – an official outfitter of the 2008 US Olympic team.
2.Casual Male XL also has big and tall Olympic clothing from Polo Ralph Lauren.
3. Nike Store carries shoes made for US Olympians that will be worn during the games. You can purchase the same items. They also carry other Team USA Merchandise.
4.Adidas Store has Olympic inspired shoes.

Gisele Bundchen Wears Hudson Jeans

At 5’11” tall, Gisele Bundchen was seen wearing Hudson Jeans. To get a similar look we recommend the Hudson Jeans signature bootcut in abyss. This jean has a 34″ inseam and a 8″ rise. It is a medium blue denim with distressing throughout and a triangle flap close back pockets. Get it while it’s on sale for $137. For more tall designer jeans, visit Tall Clothing Mall.
Photo by Deniminology