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Luxuriously Tall Going Out of Business

It’s sad to see tall stores going out of business. Luxuriously Tall of Dayton is another victim of the economy. We need to support the stores that sell tall sizes and keep them around. Everything on their website is currently 50% off and the discount will rise every week.

My Favorite Tall Green Clothing Items

Happy St. Pactrick’s Day! As always, Winky the Leprechaun visited our home today and turned the milk green while we were sleeping. Sometimes he plays tricks on my children like short sheeting their beds.
I love the color green. It reminds me of Springtime and I love it when the grass turns green. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day today I feature my favorite tall green clothing items.
For Tall Women:
women's tall green clothing - skirtWomen's tall green clothing jersey topsWomen's tall green clothing Perfect Khaki Capris
Tall green clothing Stretch tall green Jeans
For Tall Men:
Salomon - XT Wings shoes tall green clothing
Men's tall green clothing polo shirtMen's tall green clothing khaki pants

Women’s Tall White Shirt

We all need a great go to shirt. Today I am loving this women’s tall white shirt. It can be worn with everything – jeans, leggings, skirts. The instyle box pleats are stitched down from shoulders to waist. The 3/4 sleeve length means you don’t have to worry about sleeves being too short. This tall white shirt is a nice addition for Spring.
Tall Penelope Shirt - White

6 Men Can Fit in an Outhouse

This picture was so funny that I had to share it with you. This weekend was my friend’s birthday party and we did a mini “Amazing Race”. It was the husbands against the wives. One of the tasks was called, “I can’t believe we all fit.” The men all got in an outhouse. My husband 6’3″ is in the very middle with only his face showing. This was one of the funnest nights of my life!