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Guest Post: Amazing Dresses that Tall Fashion Bloggers Swear By!

Written by Guest Blogger – Regina Due

tall dresses

Image credit: Ginger and Smart

Fashion bloggers have changed the rules in the fashion industry and turned this exclusive world of runways and editorials into something that is more fun and attainable to all of us. Not only that, but some of the best fashion bloggers are dishing out amazing tips on how to mix low with high fashion and rule personal style.

From their amazing Instagram accounts to their swoon worthy looks, the style details shot in amazing locations and their personal photos which make us want to get to know them even more, we can safely say that these women have changed the game and taken over the industry by storm.

I personally started following some of these fashion bloggers to steal their style tips as I am as tall as most of them are. Being a tall girl, I sought ought tall fashion bloggers to get a sense of how they dressed for their height. It was refreshing to see their bold clothing choices and bolder heels they wore despite their height, and so today I wanted to give a shout out to some of these fashionable women and list the dresses they have rocked in style.


dress for tall women

Image credit: The Blonde Salad

One of the most famous fashion bloggers in the world, Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad knows how to mix high with low fashion and rock incredible looks thanks to her height. One of my favourite looks of Chiara is when she wore this baby doll dress with a pleated detail to Milan Fashion Week this year. Chiara looked like a grunge princess pairing her pretty dress with edgy tights, doc martins and a backpack.

style advice for tall women

Image credit: Style Scrap Book

Andy Torres, the Mexican girl behind Style Scrap Book wasn’t always comfortable with her height but these days she has embraced it and given us all some amazing looks to try for ourselves. I love Andy’s laid back style. Everything she wears looks effortless, as if she just threw something on and went out the door. This midi dress which she paired with a long sleeved top and a pair of booties is a case in point. Even though this dress does not look like a proper midi dress because of Andy’s height taking over, this blogger has proved we can still look amazing rocking a dress which hits right on the knees.

mis pandora tall blogger

Image credit: Miss Pandora

I always avoided wear maxi dresses for a day look as I thought they would make me look taller and bring more attention to my height with all that fabric from head to toe. But when I saw Louise from Miss Pandora wearing a maxing dress with heeled boots(!) I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and rock one of these pretty dresses. If you are as bold as Louise then pair your maxi dress with heeled shoes but if you are not as confident, then try a pair of flat sandals as I have and start by feeling comfortable wearing a maxi dress as a day look.

natalie off duty blogger

Image credit: Natalie Off Duty

Model turned fashion blogger, Natalie’s eclectic style is a feast for the eyes. This woman does not shy away from bold patterns or frills and this off the shoulder floral dress proves we should all embrace our height and work in as much colour and pattern as we want to. I love this dress – it is the perfect summer dress and it is so on trend with that off the shoulder detail!

kayture blogger

Image credit:  Kayture

I did say I was going to talk dresses but Kristina Bazan, the woman behind fashion blog Kayture has proved how striking long maxi skirts can make you look, especially when you are a tall woman. I love this look Kristina wore for Paris Fashion Week this year. She looks elegant but sexy with that thigh high slit and simple white shirt. There is no doubt about it that this woman, and for that matter, all of these women, have embraced their height and they love playing with fashion.

So what are you waiting for? Your height is your biggest asset, so put on your boldest outfit and never again shy away from things because of your stature!

Tall Travel Style: Hawaii Packing List

It’s not secret that I’m a travel agent.  I’ve booked trips for several of you and I’m always happy to help everyone.  Next month I’m going to Disneyland, in May I’m off to Jamaica and June is a dream trip to Hawaii.  This is going to be my year of travel.  I thought it would be fun to incorporate more travel looks into this site as travel and fashion are my passions.

I’m a Hawaii travel specialist and focus on booking trips there more than anywhere else.  So naturally, I’d like to start this series with a Hawaii packing list. What I love about Hawaii is that you literally can get by with your swimsuit and a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts.  It’s super easy to pack light.

hawaii packing list tall

Sunglasses.  Tropical Tall Maxi Dress.   Sam Edelman Sandals to size 13.

Tall Graphic T-Shirt.  Tall Bermudas.  Slip on Sneakers to size 12.

Packable Straw Hat.   Tropical Tall Swimsuit .    Beach Bag

Tall V-Neck T-Shirt.    Tall Shorts.

I’d love to book your next trip to Hawaii.  I’ve been there many times and love sharing my expertise. Call me at 435-709-8656 or email me at


Bring Out the Tall Shorts

As I am a posting today from Utah, we are having some late snow flurries.  I’m so over winter.  I hope you’re having sunny skies wherever you are.  Soon you will be ready to bring out the shorts.  Today’s outfit features a styles tall polo shirt and some cargo shorts.

mens tall cargo shorts gray

Two-Tone Tall Polo.     Cargo Shorts – 11″ Inseam.    Converse Sneakers to size 18.

Fresh Navy and Green Tall Outfit

I love how fresh and pretty navy and green look together. I’ve created an affordable work outfit, but if you want to dress it down, just swap out the pants for jeans.

women's tall green blazer and outfit

Green Tall Blazer.  Pleat Front Tall Shell.  Tall Flared Pants – 35″ Inseam

Beaded Tassel Necklace.   Tassel Clutch.    Navy Blue Loafer to size 13

View more women’s tall outfits here.