Cool Kicks for Large Feet.

Do people even call them kicks anymore? Am I showing my age?  Alright, I’d better get to the point.  Those of you who read the Blog regularly know I get much of my style inspiration from GQ.  It’s a bit fashion forward so I always try to temper the advice for the “average” male.  The latest headline that caught my eye was their fall lookbook featuring “pumped up kicks” [I guess people do still call them that]!  The editors of GQ have this to say:

“Stylish guys are fetishizing sneakers like never before, and designers have stepped up big-time. There are futuristic neon running shoes you can wear with a suit. Retro-inspired sneaks in shocking new colors. And a bunch of exclusive releases you’ll see here for the first time—all of them fly.”
See the whole slideshow here.
I’ve always been a fan of cool sneakers (or tennis shoes–where you’re from dictates what you call them!).  I think real “running shoes” belong in the gym and nowhere else.  But what do you wear when you want to be comfortable?  Surely not your dress shoes.  Enter a stylish sneaker not really meant to work out in.  Sneakers no longer have to be sloppy. No need to pair with a track suit.  You can easily wear sneakers with jeans, cords, or even dress slacks.  I know this flies in the face of most guys’ philosophy on shoes.  Black/Dressy.  Brown/Dressy.  Sneakers.  Hopefully by the time you finish viewing these cool picks you’ll add one more pair to your list.  Keep reading for cool kicks available in large sizes. Here goes:
Vans Chukka. Up to size 16.  They come in TWENTY colors and are currently on sale.


Patagonia Maui Larry. Up to size 15 in two colors.
Creative Recreation Solano. Up to size 15 in two colors.
Cuttler Felt Wool Boots. Up to size 12- I know that’s not very “large” for a man…but I couldn’t help but include them!


Ugg Brockman in Black Leather.  Up to size 18.  They also come in an awesome shade of rust called “grizzly leather.”
Lacoste Newton Mid VY2. Up to size 14.

Military Green

Impulse Men's 3/4 Canvas BootImpulse Men’s 3/4 Canvas Boot. Up to size 15.

Clarks Men's Desert Boot
Clark’s Desert Boot. Up to size 13.
Palladium Pampa Hi. Up to size 14.
Converse Men's All Star Clean Mid Shoe
Converse Men’s All Star Clean Mid. Up to size 13.

Stay tuned for a few other trends including, look for less, retro runners, rock star kicks, and Chuck Taylors.
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