Diary of a Tall Fashionista – Tall Designer Jeans – What’s All the Fuss?

by Tiffany DeLangie – a new fashion writer at Tall Clothing Mall

True Religion Jeans Candice Wide Leg in Body Rinse
A couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to tall designer jeans. I was just getting used to the fact that I could find long inseam jeans in the first place and hadn’t even begun to think about premium denim. While I am a total shopaholic, I pride myself on being frugal. I rarely pay full price for anything (to me it’s not a sale until it’s 75% off of the clearance price)! Needless to say I wasn’t pumped about dropping $200 on ONE pair of jeans. I don’t care if it is the same brand that graze Jennifer Anniston’s backside or if the inseam is actually long enough for my six foot frame to wear with three inch heels! But then a wonderful thing happened. My husband (oh sweet man that he is) bought me a pair of 37 inch inseam true religion jeans. All of the ‘are they really worth it?’ questions fell to the bottom of the closet floor along with my “regular” jeans.
There are a few attributes that set tall designer jeans apart from everyday brands. The first is fit. One of the priceless things about designer denim is that they run longer than regular department store brands. Many of the hottest brands make their popular styles for tall women- in inseams up to 37 inches. Tall fashionistas have never been happier! We have our choice from J. Brand, Rock and Republic, James Jeans, True Religion, Victoria Beckham, Citizen of Humanity…the list goes on! Can you believe that? The list never goes on for tall women! Not only is the length just right, but the cut, the color…you just can’t find that quality unless you pay for it. Designer jeans often use premium denim, and have just the right amount of lycra.
Finding that balance is the difference between looking like you squeezed into your 16 year old daughter’s jeans and looking like a celebrity (one with taste). Style tip: Keep in mind, when wearing high heels, your jeans should cover at least half the heel. There’s nothing worse than cutting the line of your leg right at the ankle. Wearing tall designer jeans elongates the body and creates a clean modern, lithesome look. They have the structure and strategically placed pockets to make every butt look its best! Get ready to utter, “Don’t these jeans make my butt look great?” While the fit and quality are enough to splurge, I have to admit the brand appeal is…well appealing. Not all of us have 80 pairs of jeans (and that’s just in Eva Langoria’s San Antonio closet), or Jimmy Choos that cost us a week’s worth of work…but we can all get just a tiny taste of celebrity-dom that comes with wearing high quality denim. So take it from the [frugal] tall fashionista…the splurge is totally worth it.

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