EXPIRED: Exclusive 30% Discounts for Backpacks and Lunch Boxes

My kids start school  in about a month. The Summer has flown by and we have so much to do! Help me! I dread shopping for school supplies – with 5 kids it takes a lot of money!

Rewind! On the day that school let out for the Summer my 7 year old boy got in the car and loudly, yet seriously pronounced, “Mom, I’m not the kind of kid I was when I went to 1st grade. I know that I liked Rug Rats, but for next year I need a new back pack. I’m much more grown up now.”

Well, I wasn’t expecting that as the first words to come out of his mouth on the last day of school. More like “Wahoo, yippie, schools out, scream and shout.”  It appears he is growing up! I also noticed that the weight of everything they bring home on the last day was just too much for his cheap backpack and the straps and zipper were breaking. My son was frustrated trying to carry half of his stuff in his arms.

So, I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was when Lands’ End contacted me about giving my readers an exclusive discount on backpacks and lunch boxes. In the past, my older boys have used Lands’ End backpacks and they held up for several years.

Knowing that this exclusive sale was coming up, I have held off on purchasing new backpacks until now. But, I want to share this offer with you! You must click through this link to activate the discount. But the deal is only valid for 2 days and expires on 7/25. Plus, score free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Here’s the lineup of the backpacks we will be purchasing for my 3 youngest kids. We will also be monogramming their names on them because it only costs around $6 more and will make sure that no one can steal their backpacks (especially if I decide to print their silly nicknames on them). Would I do that? Well maybe! {wink}

backpacks on sale

I know this post isn’t really related to tall clothing, but what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share this deal with you? If you need to buy some backpacks, today’s the day!  Again, be sure and click here to activate the discount. Hurry, ends 7/25. Happy shopping!

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