Mens Tall Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is one of the trendy colors for Fall. I’m finding it everywhere and I love this bright hue! Mix it with gray, tan and I’m seeing it mixed often with black.  Here’s a roundup of mens tall cobalt blue clothing and accessories:

tall cobalt blue trend

Row 1:  Ralph Lauren-  Tall Cobalt Vest LT – 4XLT.  Gap – Cobalt Blue T-Shirt MT – 3XLT.  Banana Republic – Bold Check Wool Scarf .

Row 2:  Rochester – Robert Graham Tall Plaid Shirt XLT – 4XLT.  Eddie Bauer – Hangfire Tall Jacket MT- 2XLT.  Macy’s – Big & Tall Cobalt Blue Polo Shirt LT-5XLT.

Row 3:  Destination XL – Converse Hi Tops – to size 17.  Nordstrom  – Tall Cashmere Sweater LT-2XLT.  Express Tall Plaid Shirt MT- 2XLT.

Happy Monday!

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