Tall Personal Shopping: Men’s 40 Inseam Pants (Non-Wool)

I received a personal shopping request from Amy. She is shopping for her 6’5″ tall husband who has a 32″ or 33″ waist with a 40″ inseam.  She has checked out our section of men’s 40″ inseam pants and desires a pair that is machine washable for work and is non-wool.

The best suggestion I have for you at this time is to order a pair of Custom Made Chino Pants from Tailor Store. Prices start at $69.95 which is excellent for custom made pants. The Tailor Store is is Sweden, but surprisingly your order should arrive in 15-20 days.
men's custom made chino pants with 40

Choose from many fabric choices in classic or trendy chinos. While you are there, you may also be interested in their Design Your Own Dress Shirts and Design Your Own Polo Shirts.

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