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Womens Tall Slimming Pants

We are pleased to have discovered that Chadwicks tall pants have gotten longer. Most of their tall pants are now in a 35″ inseam length as compared to 34″ inseam. Today we love this pair of women’s tall slimming pants. With added tummy-control in a short-like shaper it is made to smooth from the waist to the thighs. We love the wide waist band as it really flattens the tummy and creates a nice waist line.

The World’s Tallest Man

If you think you are tall, perhaps you’re short compared to the world’s tallest man. The “Today Show” had Sultan Kosen, the world’s tallest man on their show this morning with the Guinness Book of World’s Records to present him a plaque as the “worldest tallest man.” Standing at 8’1″ tall, Sultan lives in a small town in Turkey.
He was diagnosed with an overactive pituitary gland condition that caused him to grow uncontrollably. Sultan had a tumor on his eye that was putting pressure on his pituitary gland. The tumor has now been removed.
Sultan says, “Up until now, I’ve really had a difficult life, but I’m happy. From now, I’m really going to have it a lot easier.”
You can read the entire transcipt here. We wish Sultan well on his world tour!

Julie & Julia

Tonight was Friday night date night. We watched the movie “Julie & Julia”. I must say that I think my husband may have been a tad bit more excited to see this movie than I. He is the chef in the family and I am …. well, you could say that I tolerate cooking. I find it a necessary task for the survival of our family, but it doesn’t thrill me.
This movie was fantastic. I loved everything about it – minus them saying the “F” word one time. (I really hate when producers stoop that low!)
Did you know that Julia Childs was 6’2″ tall? I didn’t. I can’t imagine the struggle she must have had to find clothing. Anyway, the movie shows us how Julia Childs turns to learning how to cook French cuisine after she moves there with her husband – who works in the American Embassy. In the process she finds new meaning to her life and an incredible passion.
Julie, a modern day woman, decides to recreate all of Julia Child’s French recipes in a one year time frame and blog about them. In the process, she learns valuable life lessons and there are many parallels in their lives.
I recommend this movie. As a tall woman, there were many things she said that I identify with and love the way Julia Childs presented herself with grace and filled her life with happiness. I am even inspired to try French cooking.
And of course, we can home and ordered Julia Child’s cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” from Amazon.

Women’s Tall Cardigans

This Fall, the look is all about the cardigan. Cardigans are versitile. The same cardigan can be worn with jeans as well as with a skirt. For casual dressing, wear the cardigan alone or open with a t-shirt. To dress it up, wear with a blouse, with a belt around your waist or add some nice jewelry.
Look at all of the beautiful choices we have this year in women’s tall cardigans:

Slim Women's tall cardigans - pangea bluecashmer women's tall cardigans - camel heather
Women's tall belted cardigan - Gray heatherCrewneck women's tall cardigans - Cocoon
Women: Women's Argyle V-Neck Cardigans - Mellow Yellow Belted Shawl Tall Cardigans - Black Jack