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Tall Shapewear

I know so many of you are looking for tall shapewear including myself.

I can’t find any true “tall” sized products.  However, I have rounded up the best choices I can find including higher waist shapewear and briefs.  Unfortunately, I feel like you may need to order a few items and send them back if not working.  I know it’s a pain, but it is what it is.


For Tall Men

1. 3 Pack Men’s Big & Tall Polos

2. Men’s Chinos up to 38” inseam

3. Van Huesen Tall Dress Shirt – up to 38” sleeve

4. Dockers Pants up to 38” inseam

5. Levi’s Cargo Shorts

6. Nautica T-Shirt

7. Columbia Button up Shirt –

8. Champion Tall Hoodie –

9. Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt

10. Adidas Shorts

For Tall Women

11. Tall Joggers up to 34” inseam

12. Dress Pants up to 34” inseam

13. Silver Jeans up to 35” inseam

14. Bootcut Yoga Pants – 34” inseam

15. Bermuda Shorts 12” inseam

16. Cargo Shorts 15” long

17. Maxi Skirt

18. Thong Sandals to size 12

19. Slide Sandals to size 13

20. Orthotic Sandals to size 12

Women’s Tall Swimsuits that Rock!

It’s great to be tall at this time period. Tall swimsuits actually exist! What I would have done for a tall one piece suit back in 1990. Ha. Anywhere here are a few I love. (I earn a small commission when you shop through my links.)

One Shoulder Long Torso Swimsuit

Jungle Print Tall Swimsuit may not be long enough if you have an extra long torso.

Leopard Print Tall Swimsuit may not be long enough if you have an extra long torso.

Some of the longest swim shorts – a 9″ inseam

Here is the big round-up of women’s tall swimsuits:

Tall Capsule Wardrobe from Long Tall Sally

I’m super excited to show you a tall capsule wardrobe I developed using 12 pieces from Long Tall Sally.   It’s amazing how many outfits can be created when you start with great basics.  These colors are perfect for fall and winter.  You may even have similar items in your own closet, so feel free to use what you have and add the missing pieces.

This is an older post, so the items have sold out, but I have replaced them with similar items that will still work.
long tall sally tall capsule wardrobe

1.  Stretch Tall White Blouse

2.   Black T-Shirt

3.  Black Dress

4.  Tall V-Neck Sweater

5.   Tall Striped Top

6.   Tall Mom Jeans

7.   Tall Black Leggings

8.   Tall Printed Pants

9.   Tall Straight Jeans

10.  Black Ballerina Flats

11.  Tall Black Boots

12.  Scarf

I bet you can even see more ways to mix up these pieces.  If you love these type of posts, let me know.

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