Be Prepared for Rising Clothing Prices – What Does This Mean for Tall Sizes?

According to an article by the Associated Press, clothing prices are most likely going up by 10%. The second half of the year will see the biggest price jumps. The price increases are attributed to cotton prices – as they have more than doubled in the past year and labor prices are surging. In an effort, to create the most wanted items, many retailers may offer less color choices.

So how will this effect tall clothing? I’m speculating that “special” sizes will be hit the hardest. Tall sizes and plus size often already cost more than the “regular” sized clothes. Special patterns have to made for tall sizes adding extra cost to the retailers. When shoe companies make bigger sizes, they have to create individual molds for each size of shoes and those can cost thousands of dollars. If they aren’t able to market the “special” sizes , they end up with extra inventory and many companies aren’t willing to take the risk of offering these products. That is why we may see less styles being made outside of the “average” sizes.

There is still a market for tall sizes, so I don’t think we’ll see a huge amount of companies going out of business. However, I do think we’ll see less inventory in tall sizes. That means if you see something you love, you may have to pay full price as it may sell out before it hits the clearance section.

If you haven’t been a bargain shopper before, perhaps now is the time to start watching for coupons and special shipping offers. We keep our sale section at Tall Clothing Mall up to date with the latest coupons and offers. So be sure and check there often.

Other ways to save money include to buy things at the end of the season and save them for the following year. I shop this way for my kids all of the time. For instance, a few months ago, I found Old Navy kids jeans on sale for $2.50 a pair. I have 5 kids, so I tried to purchase as many pairs of jeans that I could in larger sizes. Jeans can be worn year round and my boys are especially hard on them. At $2.50 a pair, you can’t go wrong. As I was checking out, items were flying out of my cart. I ended up with 16 pairs of jeans in various sizes. That deal only lasted an hour. Some people may call it hoarding, but I call it being smart! If you have kids, you may want to check out my girls clothing blog – as I try and post great deals there too.

Now may be the time to rethink how you go about shopping for your clothing. With rising prices, perhaps you become a savvy bargain shopper and watch for discounts more than ever. Or, perhaps you decide to create a timeless wardrobe forgoing the latest fads and purchase quality pieces that will last for years. My suggestion is you do a little bit of each. I suggest you buy quality pieces especially in suits, dresses, wrinkle-free shirts and trousers. These items never go out of style and can easily be matched with inexpensive items. Then watch out for sales on trendy items.

I’d love to hear your ideas on how to combat rising clothing prices!

About Krista Mayne

Standing in at 6'2" tall, Krista Mayne is the the owner of Tall Clothing Mall, Wasatch Travel and Palm Tree Trips. Life is crazy as a serial blogger. Tall Clothing Mall started in 2006 after she became frustrated with finding tall clothes. She loves to travel and spend times with her husband and 5 children.


  1. I spend time looking at older clothing and realizing it can often be repaired. I also have a great tailor and know the limits of how far off something can fit and still be made to fit me. I have no problem buying more expensive clothing if it is well made and will last a long time – and I can use it with other clothes and accessories. Have a small closest of quality clothing that fits.

    If you are thin and live in New York or Los Angeles you might be able to find things at sample sales. Many sales billed as sample sales are really just manufacturers getting rid of extra stock – that can be good too. Those sales are more common.

    Another trick is to learn to sew or find someone who can do a good job. I’m certainly not good at it. A friend of mine who is very tall was complementing her neighbor’s dress and found that it was homemade. The two of them made a deal and she was able to have a made to measure dress made for very little money. Her neighbor loves sewing and made some money on the side. If you can find the right dress maker, you may be in luck.