Best Scooter for Tall People

With high gas prices, more people are turning to scooters as an alternative cheap way to get around. On my recent visit to Taiwan, there were millions of scooter riders. After viewing the shortage of parking, it just makes sense to drive a scooter around Taipei. I even saw scooters packed with 2 adults, and 2 kids.
When I was in high school, my brother owned a scooter. While he was out of the country, I had the privelidge of driving his scooter for a summer. I loved the gas mileage, but have to admit I had a few close calls with crazy Utah drivers running me off the road. I learned to take the less- traveled roads to get around.
I just heard a news story on the best scooters for tall people. They rank Vespa scooters as the best for tall, leggy people. They have some really cool styles too!
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