Funny Tall Story

Today I went grocery shopping. The local store is being remodeled and so some of the isles are pretty tight together. I bribed my two year old with a balloon so he would be good while shopping. When he chose his balloon it was between “Pirates of the Carribbean” or “Barbie”. We went with Pirates. Unbeknownest to me, the balloon plays music and plays it loud. As we got to the end of a skinny food isle, right as we were turning the corner the balloon music came on in it’s glory. At the same moment, a little old woman was also turning the corner. She saw me, in my 6’1″ intimidating size and the balloon blaring and she literally jumped a foot. The look on her face was sheer horror. I felt kind of bad, but what do you do? I have been laughing ever since. It’s not often you run into a woman as tall as me in my small town and have a balloon blare at you in your face. Poor lady. Are tall women intimidating? Yes, but at times it adds some humor to all of our lives.

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Standing in at 6'2" tall, Krista Mayne is the the owner of Tall Clothing Mall, Wasatch Travel and Palm Tree Trips. Life is crazy as a serial blogger. Tall Clothing Mall started in 2006 after she became frustrated with finding tall clothes. She loves to travel and spend times with her husband and 5 children.