Ladies- Make sure you are Wearing the Correct Bra Size

As most of you know, I don’t care to shop in malls as I do 90% of my shopping online. It is just easier to find tall clothing. The one thing you may have to buy in a mall is a good bra. This weekend I went to visit my mother. She has recently lost 65 lbs and is on her way to a whole new body. I’m so proud of you mom! She looks so great, but I noticed she needed a new bra. So, I took her shopping and we got a saleswomen to measure her correctly. It was amazing the transformation in her shape and with these new curves came a new attitude. Whether you have gained weight, lost weight, had a baby or have been the same size for a while, make sure your bra is the correct size and has good support.

About Krista Mayne

Standing in at 6'2" tall, Krista Mayne is the the owner of Tall Clothing Mall, Wasatch Travel and Palm Tree Trips. Life is crazy as a serial blogger. Tall Clothing Mall started in 2006 after she became frustrated with finding tall clothes. She loves to travel and spend times with her husband and 5 children.