May I Share Some Good News?

I’m just bursting inside and want to share some good news with you. For the past 3 years, my husband and I have been trying to adopt a baby girl from Asia. We just found out that we are finally through the adoption phase and our baby girl is officially ours. We will pick her up mid April.
Yes, ladies I will have a short daughter. Don’t get upset with me. I did my part and contributed 4 tall boys to this world.
Adoption is something I have felt called to do since college. I was getting ready to volunteer in an orphanage when I met my husband. Instead, I opted for marriage, but have felt drawn toward the idea of adopting since then. It’s been a long journey and process. Adoption is not for sissies. I can’t think of anything better that I can contribute to the world, than giving an orphan a family! Our baby is less than a year old and we can’t wait to kiss her sweet cheeks.

About Krista Mayne

Standing in at 6'2" tall, Krista Mayne is the the owner of Tall Clothing Mall, Wasatch Travel and Palm Tree Trips. Life is crazy as a serial blogger. Tall Clothing Mall started in 2006 after she became frustrated with finding tall clothes. She loves to travel and spend times with her husband and 5 children.