Men’s Tall Workout Pants

Jan 2, 2010
It’s a New Year which means it’s time for goal setting. Many people make loosing weight/getting in shape their #1 goal. If this is on your list too, we want to help you look great while working out. Here is our updated list of men’s tall workout pants.

  • adidas – RESPONSE Astro Tall Workout Pants 34″ Inseam sizes S-2XL.
  • adidas – Cool Motion Tall Athletic Pants 34″ Inseam sizes S-2XL.
  • PUMA – Tricot Tall Track Pants 34″ Inseam sizes S-2XL.
  • Nike Therma-Fit Fleece Tall Athletic Pants 35″ Inseam sizes S-2XL.
  • Vertical Athletics Got Game Pants – supposed to be for people over 6’2″. Here are the inseams – M-34″, L-34.5″, XL-35″, XXL 35.5″.
  • Vertical Athletics MVP Pants – supposed to be for people over 6’2″ L-2XL.
  • Eastbay’s Tearaway Pants 35″ inseam in various colors MT-XLT
  • Big and Tall World’s tall fleece sweatpants with 37″ inseam. Choose from cuffs, or no cuffs. Sizes MT-10XLT.
  • JCPenney’s Fleece Open Ankle Pants choose the extra tall sizes. Not sure of the inseam length, but their extra talls can sometimes be around 37″ long. LT-5XLT
  • JCPenney’s Fleece Elastic Ankle Pants choose the extra tall sizes LT-3XLT

If you tall guys have a great resource for extra tall nylon pants or any other tall athletic pants, please share with us in the comments below. Everyone wants them, but they are hard to find.

You may be interested to know, they we have updated the men’s extra long athletic shorts with more styles.

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Standing in at 6'2" tall, Krista Mayne is the the owner of Tall Clothing Mall, Wasatch Travel and Palm Tree Trips. Life is crazy as a serial blogger. Tall Clothing Mall started in 2006 after she became frustrated with finding tall clothes. She loves to travel and spend times with her husband and 5 children.


  1. I think that Astro Tall Workout Pants 34″ will fit to my grandpa.

  2. Lululemon has tall size workout pants, more yoga style than nylon but their long are very long, probably around 36 or 38 inch inseam.