American Tall: New Store for Tall and Slim Guys

Today I’d like to introduce you to a new store for tall and slim guys.  American Tall manufactures their own pants, jeans, and shirts and t-shirts created for guys between the heights of 6’3″ and 7’1″ tall. I love that their shirt sizes start at medium and waist sizes on pants start at 32″.   Shipping to the USA is FREE and it costs $20 to ship to Europe. Shop now!

men's slim and tall button up shirt

Tall Button Up Shirts with 38″ sleeve lengths

men's tall and slim jeans

Tall and Slim Jeans with 34″, 36″ and 38″ inseams

It’s very difficult to start new clothing companies, so be sure to support the companies that are willing to manufacture clothing for tall people!  Support American Tall.  I’d love to hear your feedback.

Wrinkle-Free Tall Dress Shirt With 38 Inch Sleeves

Get ready to impress you boss or your next client by looking crisp and professional. One way to achieve this is with a wrinkle-free tall dress shirt with 38 inch sleevesicon. With sleeves that are long enough, now you won’t need to roll them up to disguise sleeves that are too short. This shirt is also full of other great details you will appreciate such as a spread collar and curved hem. Get this men’s tall dress shirt with extra long sleeves for $49.50.

striped dress shirt with 38" sleeve length

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