Personal Shopping: Mens Jeans Size 36 Waist by 40 Inseam

I received an email for a woman who requesting help in finding jeans for husband. He wears a men’s size 36 waist by 40 inseam.

Luckily for this guy a 36 inseam waist by 40 inseam length is very common in the big and tall stores. It’s tricky if his waist were any smaller.

mens jeans 36 waist by 40 inseam

True Nation 40 Inseam Jeans

I just went through our section of 40″ inseam jeans and updated it and added more pairs.  Check it out here.  You may also like these 40″ inseam pants for men.

krista owner tall clothing mall

Where Can I Find Extra Tall Men’s Jeans?

So, where do you find extra tall men’s jeans? I get this question emailed to me frequently. I have men’s extra tall jeans categorized by inseam lengths on my website in 33-40 inch inseam lengths.
A popular extra tall jean is the Cutter & Buck Five Pocket Big & Tall Jeans with combed cotton that start out comfortable, and get even softer with every wash. These 40″ inseam big and tall jeans are a classic style for men’s tall jeans. Available in waist sizes 36″-48″ $75

For more extra tall men’s jeans here.