Men’s Extra Long Cargo Shorts

My husband enjoys wearing shorts year round and especially extra long cargo shorts. I’m always on the lookout for cool new styles. Here’s a few of my latest finds.

men's extra long cargo shorts
Pictured Above from left to right in rows:

Santos Camouflage Shorts – 14″ Inseam. Nike Stretch Woven Cargo Shorts – 12″ Inseam. X-Ray Long Cargo Shorts – inseam unknown, but they look really long.
True Religion Cargo Shorts – 14″ Inseam. Columbia Plaid Cargo Shorts 12″ & 14″ Inseam.   Levi’s Squadron Belted Cargo Shorts – 12″ Inseam.
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Men’s Long Cargo Shorts 14" Inseam

Not a tall size, but I think you still might enjoy this pair of X-Ray jeans long cargo shorts. They have a 14″ inseam length and have a slightly faded, rugged look. Choose from 4 colors in waist sizes 30″-38″.

men's long cargo shorts 14 inseam
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Men’s Long Cargo Shorts 13" Inseam

I know how much your love your long cargo shorts. Here is a new one. This pair of Public Opinion’s men’s long cargo shorts has a 13″ inseam. The double-layered cargo pockets lend a rugged update to twill shorts. Slight distressing at the hem and pocket edges enhances the vintage look. Choose from washed blue or gray in waist sizes 29″-42″.

Men’s Long Shorts with a 14" Inseam

There’s good news for tall men everywhere! I have found another pair of men’s long cargo shorts and this one has a 14″ inseam length. Choose from five different colors in sizes 28″-48″ waists. Thank you Old for saving tall men from the dreaded “bird legs” look they get when wearing short shorts!
Men: Men's Double-Pocket Cargo Shorts (14Men: Men's Double-Pocket Cargo Shorts (14
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