Gifts Every Tall Man Can Enjoy.

Let’s face it; sometimes we just don’t know what to get.  And a generic-ish gift is a necessity.  Why do I add the ISH?  well just because it’s common doesn’t mean it has to be lame.  If it’s a stylish gift–and one which matches the recipients tastes and preferences, they’ll appreciate it!  And even if they have a few [insert gift here], yours is sure to make it to the top of the list.  Here are a handful of gifts everyone can fit regardless of how tall he is.

Woven Silk Tie. (XLong) $49.50.  Christmas-y without being too Christmas-y.  Know what I mean?
Kenneth Cole “I Rest My Case” Computer Case. $129.95. This is one of the most affordable leather laptop bags I’ve come across!
Ugg Scuff Romeo II. (Up to size 18!). $100.00.  You already know how much I love Ugg.
Knit Suede Gloves. $39.95. These unfortunately don’t come in “tall,” but at least they don’t come in “one size fits all” and you can choose a size large if your hands are particularly long/large.
Wool Blend Plaid Scarf. $49.50. Nice cozy scarf in a classic plaid pattern; what’s not to love?
Beer Glasses + Mugs. $23.00. I love these glasses- especially with the personalizing.  You can be classy…even while drinking beer. 😉

I wrote a similar post for ladies over on Tall Snob.  If you’re shopping for a lady in your life, check it out!