Where to Find Tall, Plus Size Pants & Jeans

In the past tall, plus size women have had a hard time finding clothing that fit. Lately, retailers are starting to take note that many tall women are not a size 4 or even a 10. There is a huge population of tall women that a size 12 or larger that require inseams lengths over 32″ inches and many need 36″ inseams or even up to 40″ inseams.
So, where do tall, plus size women get their pants and jeans? Here are some great ideas for tall plus size jeans and pants with inseam lengths over 32″ long.

Torrid carries tall plus size pants and jeans up to 36″ long with sizes up to 26.

Gap stocks tall jeans with 36″ inseams up to size 16. Their “long size” jeans are a 34″ inseam and they go up to size 20. Gap jeans are always in style.

Eddie Bauer’s tall pants and tall jeans are available up to size 20 with 36″ inseam.

Old Navy has recently added a “long plus” size with sizes 16-30 in a 34″ inseam. These are exclusively found online.

Alloy Apparel features trendy pants and jeans with inseams lengths in 33, 35, and 37 inch lengths with sizes up to 25. This website is geared towards teens.

Nordstrom has a few tall plus pants and jeans with inseams from 33-35″ long.

Lane Bryant has basic tall plus size jeans and pants with inseams to 36″ long and up to size 32.

Lands’ End allows you to custom make your own pants and jeans in your own size. Choose your own waist size and inseam length up to 40″ long. This is such a great option for getting pants exactly the way you want.

dELiA*s.caters to teens. They stock tall pants and tall jeans in 34″ and 36″ inseams up to size 19.

Macy’s has a great selection of tall plus size pants with many 34″ inseam lengths.

Avenue is a popular plus size store carrying pants with inseams from 33″-35″.

All of the above stores are part of the website Tall Clothing Mall, where you can find more tall plus size clothing as well as larger size shoes.