Tall, Plus Size Clothing- Finally Some Options

If you are plus size and a tall woman, when it comes to clothes shopping, you probably feel like a minority. There are lots of clothing choices for plus size women and some specialty stores carry tall women’s clothing, but put the two combinations together and your choices are limited. Here are a few clothing stores options for the tall plus size woman:

1. Lane Bryant carries a few tall plus size pants in inseams up to 35.5 inches long in casual and career styles. You can also find tall denim.

2. A great option for the tall plus size woman, is Custom Made Clothing.

3. Long Tall Sally – sells tall, plus size clothing in some of the longest lengths ever.  They have acquired Long Elegant Legs, so be sure to check out this brand.

talll plus size clothing

4. Avenue has some tall plus size clothing and even have some trendier styles with inseams up to 35″ long in pants and jeans.

If you are a tall plus size woman, you may have to search a little longer to find clothing that is long enough, but the good news is that there are more options available today than ever.

Below you will find more choices in tall, plus size clothing:




Tall Plus Size Capri Set for Spring

For some of you, it is time to think about Spring wardrobes. I’m hoping for some of this snow to melt here, but it’s not looking promising.
I found a cute tall plus size capri set for Spring, available in four color choices, but I really like the tan color, as it is goes with anything. The soft washed-linen tunic has roll-up sleeves with buckle-tab details, pleated flap pockets and side slits. The tall capri pants with drawstring-elastic waist have a 25 inch inseam length. This outfit transitions easily from workday to weekend. $64.90

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Trendy Plus Size Clothing for Fall

Until recently trendy plus size clothing was non-existent. This fall trendy plus size clothing is everywhere. Here are a few tips for looking your best and still dressing trendy. Grey is the new black of the season. Grey pants, grey jeans or a grey shirt are the foundation pieces for any plus size women’s fall wardrobe. Like the color black, grey also has a slimming effect especially if used on the lower half of your body or as a monochromatic effect by dressing in various shades of grey from head to toe.

Purple is a very trendy plus size clothing color this fall. Try using it in moderation, such as a beautiful blouse or as an accessory. A great way to add a bright pop of color would be to wear a beautiful necklace or add a purple purse.

Wrap shirts are still a trendy plus size clothing staple- as they can take many inches off your waist by disguising a trouble spot and creating the illusion of a waist.

Kimono shirts are another hot fall must have item as they drape nicely over a wide arm and balance out a large torso. If you buy a shirt with a pattern, be sure that it is a larger pattern, as a small pattern will only make you look out of proportion.

There are many trendy plus size jeans on the market this fall. Two of the hottest trends are straight leg plus size jeans and wide leg plus size jeans. They look hot on just about any figure. Buy them in a grey color, and you will be really stylish. Have fun, go shopping and get a few pieces of trendy plus size clothing for your fall wardrobe.