Funky Clear Rain Boots

I usually play it safe with fashion trends, but today I’m jumping on the clear boots trend. I love how fun it is to change out your socks for different looks. The one draw back is that when I rolled my cuffs of my socks down, after a couple of hours my feet got a bit hot. I unrolled them to let some air in for a few minutes and that took care of the issue.

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Clear Rain Boots | Holiday Socks (3 pairs)

You can also view my video of these boots on Instagram.

Women’s Large Size Shoe Deals

Don’t miss the Barefoot Tess specially marked women’s shoes deals of the Century with women’s large size shoes marked down to incredible prices. Hurry as these shoes are flying off the shelves.
All Black Indian Girl Sandal (Brown)

Get the Look for Less

David Tate - Fortune (Black Red) - FootwearStuart Weitzman - Stringalong (Red Degrade Patent) - Footwear
We love patent leather flats and especially with this “ombre” look. We found two similar looks. Both shoes are patent leather with a bow. The less expensive shoe is available to size 13 and costs $38. The expensive designer shoe is available to size 12 and is also on sale, but costs $156.92. Click on the one you think is the designer shoe. Can you tell the difference? Don’t pay more, when you can get it for less!

I Added A Search Box to This Blog

I have been really busy the last few days trying to make this blog easier to navigate. I did a total blogover changing the colors and adding a 3rd column etc. The exciting part is the new search box located on the upper left side. Now you can search for your favorite item that I have blogged about. Do a search for (jeans) or get more specific and enter (35″ inseam). Some other searches may be (long torso), shoes…. whatever you need, do the search first. If you still can’t find a special tall clothing item, check the Tall Clothing Mall website or feel free to send me an email – and I will do my best to direct you in the right direction of what you need.

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