How to Get More Leg Room on Southwest Airlines

southwest early bird checkinSo you’ve bought your ticket on Southwest airlines. You’re doing your final packing for your trip. Suddenly it dawns on you that you don’t have a seat assignment. You remember that Southwest Airlines has you stand in line and when you board you can sit where you choose, provided you are first in line. Not having a seat assignment when flying can be a nightmare for tall people.

What a hassle. Or is it? I’m going to give you a cheap trick to use to guarantee you are one of the first in line at the Southwest Airlines boarding area.
For $10 one way, Southwest now offers an EarlyBird check-in. Up to 36 hours prior to your flight, you can check-in online, print your boarding pass and guarantee you’ll be at the first of the line.
This means, you will have priority in getting an EXIT row seat. If you are tall, this is the only way to fly!