A Tall Women’s Rant About Mall Dressing Rooms

If you are a frequent visitor to my website Tall Clothing Mall, you will know that I don’t frequent malls often as shopping for tall clothing in a mall is very frustrating. However, today I got adventurous and drove 2 hrs to my nearest mall to go shopping. I had heard about a going out of business sale at my closest Mervyn’s store. I decided it would be a great time to get some new jeans for my boys as they seem to split the knees out every time I turn around. I got some tremendous deals on boys clothing with some items marked down 50% off, plus I saved an additional 30% off everything. I still managed to fork out $300. But, with 4 kids, I got lots of clothing.

My mother taught me to be a great bargain shopper. My mother was a stay-at-home mom and my dad was a policeman, so money was tight. I remember as a child going to Weinstocks for their twice a year sale. We would arrive around 5 p.m. and spend lots of time finding the best bargains. Then we would sit and wait until 9 p.m. which is the time that the clothing was an additional 10% or 20% off, I don’t remember exactly. But, I do remember we each got a huge bag of in style clothing with the majority costing under $5 each.

So back to today. I decided to get myself a couple of new bras – as I feel like this is one item of clothing that I want to fit well and as many tall women know many of the straps sometimes aren’t long enough. So, I grabbed a pile of bras and headed to the dressing room. I had my toddler with me. I went to the largest room as to accommodate the stroller. As I was changing my clothes, I suddenly looked around and realized how short the doors were in the dressing room. Not only were they short on top, but they were pretty high up on the bottom and this dressing room was the first one. Basically, everyone in the store could see me. Tall people trying on clothes can end up flashing everyone in the store and short people can end up mooning everyone when they try on pants. If you were at Mervyn’s today and I flashed you I’m so sorry. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they design things like dressing rooms or restroom stalls. Does it really cost that much more to put in doors that provide a little modesty? Thanks for listening to my rant.