Tall Fashion Models & Celebrities – I Could Care Less What They Are Wearing!

taylor swift oscar gown 2011

So you may be shocked at that title! Why? Because for the most part I could really care less what tall fashion models and tall celebrities are wearing! I know, this is a tall blog and I should be following them with a cult-like watch, but really I think it’s a big waste of my time. Why? For the most part I believe the clothing they are wearing is unattainable for tall people and here is my reasoning.
  • Most tall fashion models and tall celebrities have their clothing specially designed for their bodies. Yes, it fits them perfectly! But, on the rare occasion that the clothing is re-created for the general public, it is made into main stream sizes which means that suddenly the item is no longer made in tall sizes. There’s rarely an instance I could possibly find the same items in my size in a store.
  • On the off-chance I could find the item in the store, it is normally so expensive that my chances of buying it are slim to none. For example – what occasion would I ever wear an Oscar type gown? I’m a normal lady raising a family. I will never attend the Oscars or be invited to “The White House.” So I will never, ever need a celebrity gown.
  • Many tall celebrities and tall fashion models really aren’t that tall! I am 6’1″ in height, so if I’m trying to dress like a model who is 5’9″ tall, their clothing really isn’t going to fit me very well.
  • The amount of frustration I would encounter trying to emulate the wardrobes of tall celebrities and tall models is not worth my time.

On the other hand, I enjoy looking at the latest trends and enjoy dressing stylish. But, this means that I have to tweak the styles to look good on my tall frame. It works much better for me to purchase timeless styles that are affordable and attainable. I can easily follow many of the trends by changing out my accessories.

As a result, Tall Clothing Mall and our blogs will not feature tall models and tall celebrities on a regular basis. I would much rather spotlight tall people doing extra-ordinary things that make the world a better place as well as tall clothing that we can afford and attain.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this matter. Also, if you know of a tall person that is making a difference in the world, I’d love to feature them here.