Tall Person Career Idea – Try Being a Tour Guide

tall peopleWhen I was in high school, (many moons ago) I took a Summer tour to Europe. Our tour guide, Natalie, was seriously the shortest woman I have ever seen. She wasn’t a “dwarf” or “midget” but was extremely short. We had the hardest time finding her a crowd. Natalie tried holding up a red umbrella but, with her short arms, we still couldn’t find her. Finally the rest of the group came up with a solution to our dilemma. They simple made me stand next to her. At 6’1″ tall, everyone could find me in a crowd. Now, I can say that being high school age, I wasn’t too keen on this idea due to being a bit self-conscience about my height. But, I was game and it worked out well for our group.

Perhaps being a tour guide might be a nice career for a tall person! Everyone can easily find you in a crowd, plus it’s easier to navigate your way.
I WANT TO KNOW – What other unique jobs could tall people do by using their height to their advantage?