Big & Tall Zip Up Jacket and Outfit

It’s Tall Tuesday! I’m playing catch up after returning from Cruise World travel agent training in Miami. I’m in the mood for comfy, casual clothing as I had to dress up every day last week. So today’s outfit is for tall guys and features a big & tall zip up jacket with co-coordinating items.  The soft t-shirt will feel great on your skin.

big and tall zip up jacket

Big & Tall Zip Up Jacket.  Soft Tall T-Shirt.

Black Tall Straight-Leg Jeans – up to 38″ Inseam.   New Balance Suede Sneakers to size 15

krista owner tall clothing mall

Burgundy Tall Blazer and Outfit

I find there’s nothing like wearing a beautiful blazer to me feel extra-confident.  Today’s outfit will help you feel unstoppable.  Whether you’re the boss or still climbing the corporate ladder, you’re sure to make a great impression.  If you need to dress it up a little, swap out the jeans for a pair of dress pants.

burgundy tall blazer

Burgundy Tall Blazer.  Tall White Shirt.  Knot Necklace

Fossil Leather Bucket Bag.  Aravan Pumps.  Tall Straight Leg Jeans – 36″ Inseam

krista owner tall clothing mall

Tall Dress Shirts, Jeans, Pants: Personal Shopping

Client: 6’5″ tall man, slender athletic build – weighs 210. Age 32. Church youth director.
Sizes: 16.5″ neck, 37″ sleeves. Pants – can get away with 36x 34″ dress pants
Wants: Trendy tall dress shirts to go with jeans, khakis or dress pants. Not interested in “old man clothes”. 🙂
Budget: Prefers under $75 a shirt.

Krista Responds:

Boy can we relate to monkey arms in my family! My husband and teen boys are all arms! I wish that I could tell you there was one perfect solution, but I don’t know of any. It seems that we order many items and some are hits and some are misses. When you have an athletic build, many big and tall items are just cut too big and the slims may be too tight.  Some of the normal sizes are too loose too, but we just keep looking. You will do best with ordering shirts by neck size and sleeve lengths. The started sizes such as XLT, etc. often don’t give sleeve measurements.  But, I understand that it’s frustrating to find some with style.
First off you may want to try a custom made to your measurements shirt. Some of these options are out of your budget, but a few are affordable.  Just for fun I created an easy care shirt from Tailor 4 Less made of an easy care fabric with a contrasting outside color. I think the contrasting neck, adds a bit more style to your normal shirt.
men's custom made shirtTotal cost is around $68.  One thing that note, when putting in your measurements, the sliding scale doesn’t let you put in 37″ sleeves, but if you go above where the numbers are, manually type it to add the correct measurements.
Another company you may want to try if you want a splurge – or hint to your loved ones for Christmas – is Blank Label. Their custom-made shirts start at around $100.
blue and brown gingham

Overall, I think patterned shirts look more stylish than solid colored ones. You mentioned that you get most of your shirts from Lands’ End, JCPenney’s and Macy’s and I think for the money, you are shopping at some of the right stores.  JCP – has the extra tall dress shirt options so that really helps with extra torso length too. I do know that you can find a wider choice from those stores by shopping online vs. the in-store selection.

men's tall dress shirts
Jos A Bank has a large selection of shirts in your size and I know many guys like the “Traveler’s Shirts” that they sell.
You can also check here for more options.
In our newsletter that went out today, we showed a classic look for men.  As we mentioned, you can take any dress shirt and jazz it up with a v-neck sweater, leather jacket or blazer. See photo:
men's tall style classic

Tall  Jeans

You mentioned some the brands and jeans, but are feeling like they are too loose and baggy.  I would suggest that you purchase straight leg jeans and pants. They are super stylish and flatter just about anyone.

regular tall levis
Levi’s 505 Regular Straight Fit
There’s nothing wrong with a classic pair of Levi’s jeans. Also try them in black or the rinse wash.
tall jeans tylerBKE Tyler Jeans – Straight Leg 34″, 36″ and 38″ Inseams.
lucky brand tall jeans
Lucky Brand Tall Jeans – 34″ or 36″ Inseams
This brand is a favorite with my family.

Tall Pants

As far as pants go for the younger crowd, avoid pleated waist pants at all costs. It not only adds pounds, but they are outdated and old-fashioned.
signature tall khaki pants
These have a flat front and are wrinkle free – the permanent front crease gives it a dressier look.
kuhl ryder pants 36" inseam
Kuhl Ryder Pants – 34″ or 36″ inseam, several colors.
More of a casual style – alternative to jeans.
I hope I’ve given you a few new options to consider.  You can also find more pants and jeans by inseams here.
krista tall clothing mall

Men: What to Wear with Straight Leg Jeans

In this post, I recently encouraged tall men to take the plunge and wear skinny or straight jeans. I might have mentioned that I bought my husband a pair for Christmas and much to my delight he liked them (he is not a risk taker when it comes to fashion). Well my delight quickly turned to dismay as I realized he has this image of what to wear with straight jeans and the image doesn’t fit his body type or his style. As a result, he’s only worn them once [insert single tear rolling down my cheek for dramatic effect]. I can’t say I blame him though. I myself have purchased an item a little out of my comfort zone and even though I love it, it sits in my closet because I have no idea how to style it. Isn’t this why we usually stick to the basics in the first place?! Well I love when I’m in that space and come across some guidelines or advice on how to get out of my slump and pull that [insert recent risky purchase here—for me it’s a pair of bright red jeans] out of my closet and go for it!
So here are a few ideas/guidelines. First, you don’t have to dress like a member of a rock band or a 20 year old college kid to rock straight jeans. Now if you love skinnies and you embrace them, you may ignore the following piece of advice. But this will apply to most men:
  • Skip the high top sneaker and/or the skin tight t-shirts. Yes, some men rock this look and look good and confident doing it. But these are usually young, very fit, and very metro men who can pull it off. For most of us (or I guess since I’m not a man I should say “you”), it’s not going to feel natural or comfortable.
  • *Stick to the basics. Wear a well fitting button up or a V neck sweater. It doesn’t have to be tight but it shouldn’t be very loose or baggy. Try “athletic fit” if you’re average or bigger build, or “slim” or “vintage” fit if you’re thin.
  • *If you’re not as thin as you think you need to be to wear this style, try layering. Wear a track jacket, a cardigan sweater, or a blazer over a t-shirt or button up.
  • *Nearly any shoe goes- just make sure it’s not too chunky. Since you’re tall, you probably have larger size feet. So you don’t want to wear a super chunky shoe with a skinny leg. Wear a slim shoe.
  • *A T-shirt goes with everything. Again, skip the over-sized baggy T. You’re trying to look proportioned. Wear a T-shirt that fits well and if you’re self conscious or have some weight around the middle, go for a casual look with a sweater or sweatshirt over the T. You’ll want to choose a “cool” sweat shirt that looks like you’re trying though–perhaps, a vintage wash, well made, nicely fitting one. Pair that with a nice T (meaning one that you didn’t score for free somewhere ;), cool sneakers and you look casual but still stylish.
  • *A polo shirt is a perfect choice. The guidelines are basically the same as for a t-shirt…but a polo is a bit more forgiving than a plain T.
men's big and tall shirts to wear over tall straight leg jeans
  1. Claiborne Button-Down Big & Tall Shirt
  2. Classic Fit Button-Front Tall Sweater
  3. Classic Fit Cotton Crewneck Tall Sweater
  4. Raw Edge Tall Mock Zip
  5. Slim Fit Pique Tall Polos
  6. Solid Crewneck Tall T
I hope this helps get you in gear to wear skinny (or straight) jeans with confidence! Have questions? Post below!
View more advice here.