Tall Travel Style: Hawaii Packing List

It’s not secret that I’m a travel agent.  I’ve booked trips for several of you and I’m always happy to help everyone.  Next month I’m going to Disneyland, in May I’m off to Jamaica and June is a dream trip to Hawaii.  This is going to be my year of travel.  I thought it would be fun to incorporate more travel looks into this site as travel and fashion are my passions.

I’m a Hawaii travel specialist and focus on booking trips there more than anywhere else.  So naturally, I’d like to start this series with a Hawaii packing list. What I love about Hawaii is that you literally can get by with your swimsuit and a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts.  It’s super easy to pack light.

hawaii packing list tall

Sunglasses.  Tropical Tall Maxi Dress.   Sam Edelman Sandals to size 13.

Tall Graphic T-Shirt.  Tall Bermudas.  Slip on Sneakers to size 12.

Packable Straw Hat.   Tropical Tall Swimsuit .    Beach Bag

Tall V-Neck T-Shirt.    Tall Shorts.

I’d love to book your next trip to Hawaii.  I’ve been there many times and love sharing my expertise. Call me at 435-709-8656 or email me at Krista@TallClothingMall.com


Long Torso Swimsuits

It’s that time of year that has put women in a panic! Yes, it’s time to start thinking about getting a new tall swimsuit. But, where do tall women find long torso swimsuits? They are virtually non-existent in clothing stores so you can’t try them on. I have had wonderful luck getting my long torso swimsuits from Lands’ End. I usually end up purchasing two or three. Once they arrive, I try them on, keep the best fitting one and return the others. If you are panicked about your trouble areas, Lands’ End has some great styles this year for hiding unflattering areas. Check out a couple of the great figure flattering swimsuit styles below:

If you need more choices in long torso swimsuits, I have more on the website.