Eliminate Panty Peek -Favorite New Clothes Invention for Tall Girls – The Hip T

I came across a product that is extremely helpful for tall girls. This summer I discovered “the hip t”. Invented by 2 moms that were sick of their panties peaking out from under their jeans. They created a band of t-shirt material to go around the waist. It fits over your jeans and under your shirts. It is similar to “Bella bands” which are worn by pregnant women. You will love having the coverage without the extra heat or bulk of having to wear a full shirt. They have expanded their product line and now offer the orignal “hip t” in lace (3 colors), basic “hip t” (12 colors)and a zebra print “hip t”.
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Great New Find – The Hip T

The other day I was watching The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch when I saw a great new clothing item perfect for tall women. It is call “The Hip-T”. Basically it is similar to Bella Bands that pregnant women wear to cover their mid-section. The hip-t can be worn over low rise pants to prevent your rear end from hanging out. For tall women, it expands your wardrobe as you may need a little extra length between the bottom of your shirt and your pants. It is similar to a tube top, but it is worn around your waist. They can be purchased from http://www.myhip-t.com $19.95