The Longest Pair of Mens Tall Jeans – 44" Inseam

I dare you to try and find a longer pair of men’s tall jeans! This pair of jeans by Wrangler has a 44″ inseam. Waists sizes range from 29″-54″ so it covers all everyone from tall and thin to big and tall. The price is exceptional at around $32.

the longest pair of men's jeans and jeans for tall thin men

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Custom Made Jeans Review

The following review is from a Jheri in Denmark, a 6’3″ tall woman.

Being tall and thin I can’t find jeans that fit off the rack. I live in København, Denmark and usually buy the longest jeans I can find and then go to a good tailor to make them really fit. About two years ago someone told me about Their business model is to give you many choices and (hopefully) use enough measurements to get a very good fit.

The choices are almost bewildering. You’ll find something, but it would be nice to have fabric samples to get a better idea of what you are dealing with. You select gender, the fit, and give measurements – waist, seat, thighs, knee, inseam, outer length, front rise, and back rise. You tell them if you want stretch fitting or not. There is a comment section for special instructions. If you feel these measurements can describe you pretty well, you will probably get a good fit. A friend of mine with an extremely hour glass shaped body told them about this in the special instructions but the finished pair were not good.

My feeling is that thin and average tall women should be ok. Photos show you how to take the measurements. I find it very difficult to do this by myself and have a friend help. It is even better if you go to a good tailor. Being off a little can make a big difference, so work on getting it right! The first time I ordered they would not accept payment from my country so I had to go through a friend’s account. The information goes off to India and the finished jeans are air freighted back to you.

My first pair took seven weeks and my second pair took about a month. Waiting seven weeks is very difficult. My first pair of custom made jeansfit about the same as the best rack jeans I can find and the quality of material and construction was good. I had some special instructions that they ignored and, getting in touch with them, they said that they really only pay attention to the basic measurements. My friend with the hour glass body heard the same thing when she wrote back to them. I adjusted some measurements a bit for the second pair and the fit was even better. It wasn’t perfect, but good enough that I was happy. I’m almost 6’3 and have a 37″ barefoot inseam. The first pair were 37″ inseams and the second were about 40″ for some heels. I can find 37″ inseams and get them looking good with tailoring, but not 40″ inseams, so I was happy. The price is low by Danish standards even with the shipping, so I will probably try again. My curvy friend was not happy. Neither of us liked their customer service. I would recommend buying a test pair to see how it works rather than several pairs all at once. It think it is important to see how many measurements are used and decide if that is enough to describe you.

Thanks Jheri for your in depth review of .

On a side note, I also ordered a pair of custom made jeans from them as I wanted a pair of tall white jeans and couldn’t find what I wanted. I thought they turned out pretty well. I did hate waiting about 6 weeks to receive them, but overall it was worth the money. Visit Tall Clothing Mall for more choices in custom made jeans.